Wedding Rings vs Engagement Rings - The Real Reason You Need Both

Wedding Rings vs Engagement Rings
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So, you just bought your fiancé an amazing engagement ring. No one can blame you for wondering about the need of buying a second ring for the wedding. After all, your partner can simply wear the engagement ring at the wedding and continue wearing it after the ceremony. In this post, we take a deep dive into the subject of why wedding rings are necessary.

Before we move forward, let’s agree on the fact that wedding rings need to be bought during the wedding time frame. If you buy it anytime else, it’s just a ring. It’s the ceremony and the occasion that makes it a wedding ring and not the style or material used to craft the ring. Therefore, the argument that you can always buy a band later doesn’t really fit.

Wedding Rings vs Engagement Rings

While both are traditionally attached to weddings, you need to understand that wedding rings and engagement rings serve very different functions. Engagement rings are for proposals and its core purpose is to surprise and awe. This means an engagement ring needs to have a gem centerpiece for that wow factor. Wedding rings, on the other hand, are meant to be worn every day. These simple bands are understated by design and they are meant to be worn to the office and while doing everyday chores.

5 Practical Reasons to Buy Wedding Rings

There are a few practical reasons for buying wedding rings instead of just buying an engagement ring. 

They’re Inexpensive: As mentioned before, wedding rings are typically simple metallic bands with no stones. This means any wedding rings collection would typically feature several options under hundred bucks. Engagement rings are much costlier. If you are buying an expensive engagement ring for your partner, the cost of buying two bands shouldn’t be much to bare.
Wedding Rings are Appropriate for Office: Thanks to their simple design, wedding bands can safely be worn to work, even if you are part of a highly conservative industry. They are also great to be worn while doing chores. The last thing you want is to lose the expensive gem while working the dishes.
They Are Comfortable Enough to Be Worn Everyday: Wedding bands are typically lighter and have a flatter inner surface. Both of these make them more comfortable than traditional engagement rings. This is aside from the peace of mind of not wearing a piece of super-expensive jewelry out in the public.
Wedding Rings are for Both Brides and Grooms: Engagement rings are traditionally for brides, while wedding bands are for both partners. 

Wedding Rings vs Engagement Rings

Buying a wedding band gives the groom the opportunity to showcase his love and commitment.
It Protects the Engagement Ring: Engagement rings can be reserved for fancy occasions, while wedding rings are suited for everyday use. In a way, wedding bands and rings prevent the amount of damage caused to engagement from regular wear and tear. Typically made from platinum, titanium, and other durable metals, wedding rings are much more equipped for everyday life.

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