What Are The 5 Chicest Makeup Trends for The Spring 2019

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Written by: Emily Brathen

In the past couple of years, we have seen a major shift in the world of skin care and makeup. Unless you have lived in a cave somewhere, you have probably heard about the latest and greatest industry change. Big name cosmetic companies like Chanel and MAC have gotten on board and are seeking their slice of the male's cosmetics pie. 

How did we get here?

For decades cosmetics has been made for and marketed to females. We see commercials, magazine ads, and billboards of beautiful women with perfect skin. In our minds the message is clear. If we buy these products we will be beautiful.

Men have worn makeup for generations. Every time you see a gorgeous man on television or in a photo layout in a magazine, he is wearing makeup. But until recently, he would be stared at if he wore that same makeup to a backyard barbeque or to a shopping mall.

But, the tide has turned. Men want clear skin, healthy looking skin, and the products that give the user the power to make their features proportions.

Women have been following the desires of the makeup industry which tells us what cosmetics to wear. Men are not following. They have broken through the walls of separation and conquered the taboo of male makeup. They demanded cosmetics and skin care products of high-quality for their gender. Cosmetic companies are scrambling to get the best men’s makeup in their line. There are groundbreakers who listened and created a male or unisex line swiftly. You can see for yourself, just browse this site. As for the other big brands, we will see if men will embrace them, even if they are a bit late to the party.

Below, we will share 5 choice makeup trends that have started the new year off well. Male or female, these makeup trends promise to be around a while.

1. Scentless Fragrance

This is not a typo. A company in the UK has invented a fragrance that is virtually odorless in the bottle. When you apply it, the natural oils in your skin creates a fragrance unique to your body chemistry. If your partner applied the same fragrance, it would create their scent. Their scent would not be the same as yours.

2. Cosmetics meet technology

Technology has picked up their game this year. You will see mirrors that can analyse your skin and hair. It will offer you suggestions on how to improve. This device tells you what needs attention. Often people do not know how to explain their beauty issues. Your analyze gives you the information that your salon needs to know to get your skin and hair healthy and keep it that way.

There are DIY home kits that will help you apply your makeup, and even tell you the temperature and weather outside. There is more technology being introduced. Who knows how far they can take us?

Photo credit: Vinicius Costa

3. The Look For Spring

This year is all about looking young, innocent, and fresh. Cosmetics will be earthy tones. Contouring is important with a bit of shimmer at the high point of your cheek. Eyeshadows are tones of brown and gray applied gently to offer a faint brush of color.

4. Lips and Brows

Brows are maintaining the shape of 2018. However, they must be flawless. They will be beautifully tapered and any bald spots in the eyebrow will be filled in with eye pencil of the same color. Natural lips are trending. Men and women are using stain followed by a slight gloss. Colors are closely matched to the wearers' unpainted lips.

Men will have a perfectly trimmed beard and mustache with clean lines. Again, fill in any bald spots in the beard and mustache with an eye pencil. Neat and clean is the deal.

5. Hair

In keeping with the natural look, hair will be worn as nature intended. If you have curls, rock them. If you have straight hair, go with that. Perfectly styled is easy to attain when you are not fighting your hair. For those who just cannot stand the thought of their curly locks, go ahead and use your straightener. Be sure you use the correct products to leave your hair silky. If you straighten, allow your hair to move. Do not weigh it down with product.

It is exciting to watch as the world of cosmetics emerges. The idea that makeup is only for women has been thrown out. Targeted skin care for everyone will be a factor in the cosmetics we buy. It is safe to say that 2019 is going to be a revolutionary year.
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