New in: October 2017

New in: October 2017

I've been regularly writing about all the New ins that come to my doorstep for more than a year. That's quite a bit of time.

But if you'd like to see what I got last month (when I started my No buy), you can read all about it here - New in September 2017.

New in: October 2017

The thing is, I'm still on a no buy. It's not as much fun as I'd like it to be but I managed to buy only a couple of things that I knew I couldn't wait for the sales for.

long4lashes sent me this lash serum by Long4Lashes* about which I talked here. It's going to be an interesting journey.
lov cosmetics

I also got an amazing PR package from our L.O.V Cosmetics* distributor. I talked about the goodies here.

avon mark lip lacquer

Next in line were the new lippies from Avon*. At the time I was eyeing Maybelline's' new liquid lipstick line, but I am glad that I didn't buy those yet. These liquid lipsticks are pretty neat! I'll make lip swatches and write a post about them.

visiomax hydrogel

I purchased new contact lenses because I used up the last pair. I got the new ones from DM which contain hydrogel. I am not too fond of them because they are pricier than their regular monthly lenses and my eyes don't like them either.


I went to a moderator party (for a Facebook group which I'm helping moderate) and there we swapped some cosmetics. This was my"haul". :D And I think it's pretty awesome! I am enjoying the toner (huge pink packaging). Oh. and the egg-shaped thing? It's a beauty blender, but I got it just for photo props. It's so cute! :D

artdeco claudia schiffer

One of the rare parts where I broke my no buy was with these brushes from Artdeco. I'd say that Parokeets made me do it :D.  But I don't mind, the bristles are super nice!

the Chemistry Brand Retil-Oil

The second time I broke my no buy was with my Deciem order. I got two things that were on my wishlist for the longest time. First is the Chemistry Brand Retil-Oil. Which IMHO is amazing.

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling solution

The second is The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling solution. I've used this mask twice and both my skin handled it well. I just make sure to moisturize plenty after use and to vigorously use sunscreen for the next weeks.


The next products that I got were the Labellino* and Labello Sparkle. Both look really cool, but the Labellino is cute as it's chubby. :D

AA Hydro sorbet

And as last, I got a new cream that I intend to use it as a night cream as it's meant for normal skin.
It's by AA and it contains vitamin C, some algae, and vitamin E. Sounds nice, doesn't it? I ran its ingredients in the Cosdna and it shows it has some sort of sunscreen in it? Um. Okay. 
We'll see how that goes.

What did you like the most from my monthly haul? Let me know in the comments. 

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