BBMU 2017

BBMU 2017

It's been a year since the last BBMU (2016) and two years from the first one in 2015.
This year the lectures were even better than the years before and they made us think quite hard about who we are as bloggers and vloggers.

I think the whole event was awesome as it brought us together as a community. The atmosphere was super nice, everyone was kind and happy and kind of glowing.

BBMU 2017

The first lecture was all about working together as a community. It set the theme for the whole event as the mini-workshop we had made us go all a bit "awww". The 5 min workshop was about writing a word that describes that person on a paper that was hand from their back.

I got some amazing words like energetic, brave, direct (honest), always smiling, ... It made me a bit teary-eyed but so happy that I didn't mind.

The second lecture was about SEO. It was an upgrade from last year and it was pretty interesting.
The third lecture was held by Tjaša Deu and it was all about Youtube. Her words were "Start making videos now, don't wait".
After that, there was a small lunch waiting for us with some lovely finger food and of course it was time to mingle with some sponsors and other bloggers and YouTubers.
After the pop-up lunch, we had a quick photoshoot for our group photo. That was quite crowded but also fun.
The fourth lecture was about grammar. Luckily there are some amazing tools out there that help with some of those problems. If you are curious Grammarly is amazing if your language of choice is English.
The fifth lecture was about myths and truths in cosmetic products. That one was quite controversial and I'm sure it made quite a bit of people angry.
The sixth lecture was about marketing (mostly Facebook). That's a topic that is always interesting but you need to take your time to comprehend it all.
Then there was a group talk (roundtable) where they talked about Media Responsibility and Literacy. This one was pretty deep as it talked about our responsibility to our readers.
After that, there was the most anticipated Beauty Bloggers Awards 2017.
But that wasn't all. To finish the event we had some beauty pampering with some sponsors. I loved that we could chat with them freely. Afterall we are all just people. 

 It was an eventful day which for me ended at around 8pm when I hurried to my car as it was parked in Tivoli. I got home safe and tired. :)

I am grateful that Nika organized the event this year (as it almost wasn't happening!) and I can say I had a blast.

Now, please enjoy the photos below as a photo says more than words do.  And of course, we are going to start with  KolagenLift champagne. Cheers!

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