Summer gel manicure - Depend Towel Boy & Summer Splash

Depend Towel Boy & Summer Splash

It's been so long since I did a manicure post. 
And even longer since I did a gelish manicure post. Crazy, isn't it? 

I actually didn't wear gelish all that much since having a sedentary job doesn't really hurt my nails - on the contrary - they hardly ever chip!

But since I saw these two nail polishes in the drugstore I went to which is one of those that I skip if I don't have to go in (Tuš drogerije). I think they are from the new collection? But I don't know. Finding new editions of  Depend Gellacks in our stores is a mission impossible. 

Summer gel manicure - Depend Towel Boy & Summer Splash 

I combined two gel polishes - one on each hand so I don't get bored of them too quickly. 

The first is named Towel Boy which is a lovely lilac. Cool toned. I added a sticker by Essence (& the lovely little things LE). The stickers are fantastic! They have a soft film over the design which feels better than those usual stickers - they are of a very good quality and will easily survive any manicure. 

Depend Towel Boy gellack

Depend Towel Boy gellack

I used three layers of the gel polish to get an even opacity.

Depend Towel Boy gellack

 The gel polish on my other hand is called Summer Splash which is a pretty blue - mint color. It's a true mint that leans on the blue side.

Depend Summer Splash gellack

Depend Towel Boy gellack

For this one, I also used three layers and I think I could do with one more (which is the same I feel for the Towel Boy).

Depend Towel Boy gellack

The colors are really pretty and combined with these stickers they make a nice Summer manicure. So fresh and pretty!

Did you find any of the new gel polishes in store? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. zelo sta lepa, sem si tegale lila naredila še enkrat v dveh slojih in sedaj je barva tako lepo prišla do izraza, mint nohtke pa sem naredila kolegici Sabini za morje, pa so na njene dolge nohte prišli tako lepo. Prav vauuu.

    1. Ooo, sem vesela, da si potem še enx naredila tega lila. Meni sta oba čudovita, prav poletna <3.


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