Add Actives C20 Serum

You guys probably know by now, that I'm on a mission to get perfect skin. Blemish free, spot free, just simple and pretty!

And Add Actives C20 Tetraforce Activator is one of the products that are helping me on this mission. 


Extremely strong anhydrous formula, vitamin C serum C20 TETRAFORCE, contains a 20% concentration in a soluble, very stable, non-acidic, non-peeling, non-irritating, vitamin C (Tetrahexydecyl Ascorbate) derivative oil. You can get it here.

I was one of the lucky gals that got to test this bottle full of antioxidants. 
I usually stay clear of very expensive products because I am kind of skeptical of their claims. But since I stepped into a skin care world (that is still mostly unknown to me) I got bolder. And I want to try more things. Even more expensive products. 

I got it back in November and once it's opened you have 6 months to use it up
6 Months aren't a lot considering you get 30 ml of product (for the price of 97€), but if you use it every single day, then it's possible to use it up. 

Add Actives C20 Serum

The product comes in a non-opaque black bottle. It's so dark that no matter how you turn it, you can't really be sure if your bottle is empty or not (once you get to that point). 

C20 Serum

I reviewed a vitamin C serum a long time ago and this one promised to be nothing like that one. 

That vitamin C serum had to be kept in a fridge due to a very unstable formulation and after application, I would get a tingly sensation on my skin. 

But this one? It is oil based and it doesn't leave any bad sensation on my skin

Actually, I can use one or two drops alone and not get a bad reaction. It leaves my skin feeling plump and happy. 

But if I use it for two consecutive days (there is also no need to do that as the effects last for up to 48 hours anyhow) I get small bumps


The serum is concentrated, doesn't have a real scent (it smells a bit "oily", but pleasantly) and after a longer period of use, there is absolutely no peeling

The difference it did for my skin

I am the first to admit that I am sleep deprived most of the time I'm awake
My lifestyle isn't the healthiest one and it shows on my skin.
I usually have dull skin which is tired and full of spots. Spots that are left by acne or some other bad decision (like scratching and popping).

But I noticed that whenever I used this serum, my skin would just glow a bit. I don't really know how to put it into words as it wasn't a very noticeable difference (at least not if you didn't know what you were looking for). But there was a difference. 

C20 Tetraforce Activator helped fade my acne scars. I also know that there are people who use it to fade other scars and it seems to be effective. 


+ works as advertised 
+ made my skin glow 
+ helped me fade acne scars faster
+ it's non-irritating
+ 30ml goes a very long way (drops!)
+ the bottle can be reused as it's of great quality
+ the pipette is hygienic and thus less it's likable to contaminate your product

- it's expensive (97€ / 30 ml)
- it needs to be used up within 6 months 

(because it's expensive and I couldn't use it up)

I thoughtfully enjoyed this product. Although 30ml is a bit too much for me which makes me wish the store would sell them in 15ml bottles.  
If the bottle or quantity would be smaller and thus a bit cheaper I would purchase another one, but since I don't use it daily, it just doesn't make sense for me to get a full sized bottle since I couldn't finish this one in 6 months.
Luckily, the store offers 1ml samples (which is 1 full pipette) for 5€ which makes it easy to try it out or take it with you on a vacation. 
So for me, it's a short no - but because of the size/price ratio and because my skin gets glowy on so many other things (like the Melvita Polpe de Rose Serum). If I won't be able to find something less expensive for the same effect, I'll probably get this one again. But a smaller size. 

I know that Maestra loved her bottle and purchased two more since her first one. 

Did you try it or will you try it?

*The products were sent to me by the company or their PR for review purposes. My reviews are always honest. This post contains affiliate links.

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