New In: April 2017

New In: April 2017

I'm late to the party, but I'm still getting there! 
What I mean it's that time again - time to show you all the new goodies I got or bought last month

If you are curious about what I got in March, you can read all about that here

New In: April 2017

Avon new products 2017

I got some hair products from Avon* with a lot of text on it but at the same time, it does give a luxurious feeling. One is a shampoo and the other is a leave in conditioner. I also got a Luxe eyeshadow quad, a brown mascara (which I love!) and an eyeliner.

Nivea Creme Oil pearls Shower

The next in line are some new Nivea Oil Pearls Shower creams*. I got them in all three scents and I've tested two. Both were lovely and all of them contain little oil pearls that break as you wash your skin with them. An interesting concept that left my skin feeling silky.

Essence 15 pink years

Because it was Essence's anniversary I had to get this 8 pan DIY palette. I'm calling it DIY because of the heck if I know what it's called. It has small colorful beads that move while you turn and shake the palette. It's empty but I got an extra gold eyeshadow for it. I like it better than their regular DIY palettes which have a clear lid (which is practical) because this one is just so much fun. I like to play with the case just because I can. 

random samples

Last month I went to an Asian products lovers meeting (yeah that exists!) and the ladies were amazing. I got a bunch of samples, some deluxe and even a product that I've been wanting to try for ages - the Real Techniques diamond marble makeup sponge. Like seriously?! I tried it and I love it. 
iherb order

Since I got into skincare and learned what works for my skin and what doesn't I felt comfortable enough to try some vitamins. Now, I know a lot of people think that these are a fad and stupid, but I really wanted to see if they make a difference for me.
Well, they do. I got them from iHerb and it was my very first purchase from them. It went smoothly and I will do it again. 

I got D3 soft gels 1000 UI, Folate 400mg because I was feeling really depressed whenever I'd take the folic acid complex (B complex from DM), some Magnesium Chelate because we're all deficient in that and Vitamin A, because I am 99% sure I don't eat enough meat to get what I need. Plus my vision was starting to go to shit and I wanted to do something about it. The bonus? It helps with my skin too!

Artistry Exact Fit

I got a surprise package from Amway - Artistry* that included most of the shades from their new Exact Fit line. I got 3 concealers, 1 brightener and a CC cream that is too dark for me

bunch of beauty blenders

I, well, I got crazy. I destroyed my beauty sponge and the small Essence sponges just weren't doing it for me (too small) so I needed something bigger. I got on a binge of ordering BB sponges and this is the result. naročilo

My coworker decided to order a couple of products from and since I never really ordered from them, I wanted to see if the products are any good so I joined the group order. These are the products I got which are mostly dental hygiene stuff

Nivea Oil in lotion

And as last, I got these two Oil in lotion body lotions by Nivea*. Both smell lovely, but I decided to test first the Cherry blossom one. You know, because of cherries and cherrycolors and all that ... 

I am thinking of just doing a video for the next monthly haul post. What do you think? Let me know in the comments. 

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