New in: March 2017

March 2017 New in HAUL

Back in February, I did a long post about all the new products that I got or bought (mostly bought) and this month is finally time to do the same for the month of March. 

So, ladies and gentleman, I present you with the latest New in post!

New in: March 2017

H&M Beauty Songes

I read many great things about the makeup sponges from H&M and the time I went to purchase some clothes, I grabbed these two. 

Lancome new products

*Lancome kindly surprised me with two items from their new lines. It's their Blush Cushion and the Matte Shaker. I've talked a bit about them in my video (Slovenian).

Essence Color & Go nail polish

This line of nail polishes from Essence Color Boost was highly praised because of their longevity and their amazing formula. That's why I absolutely had to purchase at least this color. 

Essence Victorian Poetry Nail polishes

Of course, when I saw that the store carries the old line from Catrice, I had to grab a bunch of nail polishes from it. The colors are so pretty! It's the Catrice Victorian Poetry line.

Batiste Haul

Later during the month, I heard that there are some major discounts in our drugstore (Muller) on the Batiste dry shampoos and I had to stock up. There was also a discount on the electrical toothbrush heads by Sonicare

Crazy factory haul

I was also obsessing over opals and well, I still am and wanted to get some for my piercing. I am now a proud owner of several synthetic opals in my piercings. Lovely! I bought them from Crazy Factory

Nivea pads and oriflame mascara

The Oriflame mascara was a gift from a coworker while the Nivea pads were a purchase. I have no idea when I bought them, but I guess I did. Makeup pads always come handy. 

Freedom Lip creams

In March we celebrated Women's day and Mother's day and us, bloggers got a *surprise box from I got a (very dark) concealer, some nude lip glosses by Freedom makeup and a navy eye pencil. 

Korean BB creams

More than a month before (January) I purchased a bunch of Asian foundations in the search for the perfect one. I got the A'Pieu Triple Wear foundation, the Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB, and the Babyface Silky BB cream. Luckily one of the three turned out to be perfect for me!

Sleek Solstice highlighting palette

I was searching for the perfect highlighter and I think I found it in this Highlighter palette by Sleek Makeup. It's wonderful and also super shiny! 

I have also been gifted this Catrice Prime & Fine Beautifying primer which would be absolutely perfect for me if it wasn't for the silicones in it that make my skin break out. 

Essence brushes

I needed some basic tools that I decided to pick up from Essence. I got two brushes - a concealer brush and an eyeshadow brush. I also got some makeup sponges that are shaped like hearts. Once you start using them you need to put them in half before use. And last, I got their setting spray which works fine for me. 

Mark Avon Lipsticks

Back in February, I asked *Avon if they'd be willing to send me a couple of their Mark lipsticks so I could test them out. And they actually sent me their whole line. Wow! 

Avon Little sequin dress perfume

At the end of the month, I got a new perfume by *Avon called Little Sequin Dress. I also purchased a bronzer by Essence because my foundation was *gasp* too pale. I later switched my foundation and now I don't really need a bronzer anymore. *scratches head*


I got some lovely goodies by *Avon for Women's day (a Mark Lipstick and a Bath Gel which is super cute). 

Because I ran out of my sample (mini) size of the Jessica Brilliance top coat and kept mourning for it, I decided to grab a new one. And you know what? It has been the best decision ever!

I also got a *body brush from Oriflame because I wanted to get back to dry brushing my body. Don't worry, I'll talk about this in another post.

Afrodita Hydra Thermal

Since I ran out of some of the items from my Huge skincare routine I decided to get something new. 

I got an Afrotida Hydra Thermal Natural mineral water + Hyaluronic Acid concentrate that I mistakenly thought was just hyaluronic acid. Err, wrong! It's a cream with it in. 

I also got a mud mask from Hofer called Ekoclay and I finally learned to use it correctly - which is that it shouldn't dry on your face! You should keep it wet and after 10 minutes just wipe it off when still wet! 

Because I had and still sometimes have some bacne I was searching for a product with salicylic acid in it. And this was my "boy". It's Clearasil rapid Action Akut Pads aka pads soaked in lots of alcohol, some salicylic acid probably other things. They are qute drying on my face, but perfect for my back! 

And of course I needed something gentle to wash my back with. I mean, the acne is probably caused by hair products when I wash it off my hair. That's why I grabbed a Balea Med pH 5,5 Neutral Soap Bar. It's simple and it works. Also it has no scent. Lovely!

Essence party box

And finally, as the last "product" I wanted to show this *huuuge box I got from Essence. It contained 16 products and it was just majestic. If you want to see the unboxing video, you can check it out at the end of this post - My 5 Favorite products from Essence.

Whew, this was quite a bit of work! 

Which products seem promising to you and why? Let me know in the comments below.  

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