Elizavecca's Sheet Mask Test

Elizavecca's Sheet Mask Test

A little while ago I received a fun package from Elizavecca directly from South Korea

What a fun day it was! I already tested and reviewed the hair product I was sent here, which I absolutely loved.

But today, after testing them all out, I have a review of three different sheet masks from them and a bonus product. Are they any good? Let's check it out.

Elizavecca Sheet Masks Review

Before I used my sheet masks I was advised to spray this peptide spray on my skin. It's a product that is supposed to prepare your skin for the masks and also because your skin is a bit damp after application, it makes everything easier and quicker to absorb into your skin.

This is their Hell-Pore Water Up Mist 1 Button. It contains peptides which are known to work over a long period of time in terms of anti-aging. Think about a marathon runner more than a sprint runner. 

Overall I'm enjoying this spray as it is easy to use but I am not a fan of the scent. It's heavily perfumed, but luckily the scent dissolves once it's on your skin. 

 Hell-Pore Water Up Mist 1 Button


(too heavily perfumed for my liking)

Next, we have one of the sheet masks that come in multiple packaging. I got one to try. 

It's the Elizavecca 24K Gold Sheet mask.  

Elizavecca 24K Gold Sheet mask

The mask contains snail essences and probably some gold, but I really don't understand Korean so I'm not sure. Their English isn't all that good and it's hard to understand. 

Elizavecca 24K Gold Sheet mask
There was lots of essence!
 What I did notice is the terrible scent it had. I mean it wasn't unpleasant but it did remind me of a perfumey - sterile sort of environment. Like a doctor's office mixed with a bit of perfume. I found that weird. 

There was also a lot of leftover essences after I applied the mask. The mask was pretty thin but easy to use. It was quite big so it covered most of my face. 

It left my skin feeling moisturized but that was it. Nothing too special about it (except the packaging).


(good for moisturizing, nothing extra)

The next sheet mask I tested was one that scared me. 

Elizavecca Red Ginseng Deep Power Ranger Mask Pack

This is actually supposed to be one of the daily masking types of masks. I was put off by the black and red design of it because it scared me. I mean, I'm not easily scared but with this color combination in terms of a skincare product, all I could think was "wow, danger, hot". 

The scent was nice, it reminded me of carrot juice which I love very much. 
After I used it the scent slightly changed to a more perfumy sort of scent, but it was still pleasant. 

Elizavecca Red Ginseng Deep Power Ranger Mask Pack

The sheet was very thin, delicate and I had to be careful while taking it out. 
It also wasn't a great shape match for my face

The mask alone wasn't a wet mask, but more of a gel mask. There wasn't any essence leftover in the bag. 

The part around my mouth dried up very quickly (which has never before happened to me) and it got annoying very fast as it was poking me. 

Elizavecca Red Ginseng Deep Power Ranger Mask Pack

The biggest downside was the sticky layer it left after removal. Booo! 
I would actually like to try other types of the same mask, they might be a better fit for me. 

(hated the sticky layer)

The last mask I tested out was a three part style of mask.

Elizavecca Pore Solution Three Step Mask

This is three steps mask and each part comes in a different pocket of the same mask. I liked the idea, the design is quite a fun one.

Elizavecca Pore Solution Three Step Mask

Step 1 is a foam cleanser that left my skin squeaking clean. That scared the crap out of me as it was quite irritating to my skin.

Step 2 is a serum type of gel that was packaged full of alcohol because my skin started slightly burning after application

Elizavecca Pore Solution Three Step Mask

Step 3 is the mask itself. I loved the black look of it and loved scaring people with it!
Sadly the mask is also packed full of alcohol and it left my skin feeling irritated and a bit painful (remember I just stripped everything from my skin with the Step 1). 

Elizavecca Pore Solution Three Step Mask

(I really disliked the cleanser that made everything after it burn)


I feel that these three masks are pretty mediocre and even if the packaging is amazing (lovely) and even scary in one, I wished that they would deliver more than they did
I do think they may work better as the last step in my skincare regime, but at the same time, I feel like these are just basic inexpensive sheet masks that boost some extra moisture into your skin.
I think that Elizavecca has a lot of fun products to play with and in the future, I may get some other things to play with, but if it will be sheet masks I'll be looking into the more natural selection of them.

*The products were sent to me by the company or their PR for review purposes. My reviews are always honest. 

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