Makeup Dipped in Red

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted my makeup.  It probably has to do something with me wearing nude shadows all the time and not feeling that they are "picture worthy". Well, they may be, but you know, getting in a routine doesn't help with creativity. 

So I'm trying to break it and play a bit with my makeup.  Today I'm here to show you a red makeup that I liked wearing a lot.

Since the pictures have been sitting for quite a while on my PC, I am not exactly sure which products I have used. So I'll be guessing just a little bit.

I know that the eyeliner has its own life in these photos and I am not impressed by it. But look away, at all the colors I can blend (two, haha). :D 

Products used:
+ Eye primer by Avon
+ Facefont mineral eyeshadows (metallic pink, orange and red)
+ Essence liquid eyeliner (blue cap)
+ Etre Belle mascara

Do you like makeup posts? Should I bring them back?


  1. Uuu, kako lepa rdeča! Kje se dobi senčila? Jih ne poznam sploh, prvič slišim za njih :)

    1. Ja, jaz sem tudi bila prvič oz dokler jih nisem dobila, isto. Ena kolegica jih je dala moji sestri in sem si jaz tudi par izbrala. :)

  2. Ful dobro ti je uspelo. Rdeča ti paše. :) Btw, sem za več takih objav!


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