Catrice CONTOURIOUS Limited Edition - Thoughts + Review

Defined Shape. Setting accents with the illusion of light and shadow – contouring and strobing are all the rage right now. From August to September 2016, the Limited Edition “Contourious” by CATRICE is offering professional tools to apply the trend techniques of the beauty world. Cream and powder textures in soft champagne, rosé and brown flatter every skin type. I came, I saw, I contoured – by CATRICE. 

So, contouring is still all the rage now (even if Kim K. says it's out). And thus companies are making many contour products available to the public. One of them is the Limited Edition by Catrice that comes with a hard-to-pronounce name Contourious
I was sent a couple of products from this line and even if I wasn't expecting them (I was on a long vacation that was very needed), I got super excited when opening the package. I mean, I watched the collection in stores (it's already available!), but since I am on a no buy (for cosmetics, kind of), I stayed away from it. 

Since I got 4 products, the post will be divided by topics - each product will get its own paragraph, so you'll be able to read only what you're the most interested in. 


Highlight, Blush and Contour: the Sculpting Powder Palettes each consist of one contouring, one highlighting and one blush shade which are all in perfect harmony. The silky, smooth texture blends optimally to set natural-looking highlights and colour accents.

  • Contouring, highlighting and blush in one palette
  • Silky, smooth texture
  • Three perfectly aligned shades 

Mine is called C01 PALE PERFECTIONIST and contains 3 shades - a sculpting dark shade, a highlighter, and a blush.

I am a real noob when it comes to contouring since I was never really into it - until now. It's late, but I can finally see the appeal of lightly contouring your features. Not full on photo shoot mode, but something more discreet is what I'm thinking about. 

The colors are pretty pigmented, but I do feel they are right in the middle of the pigmentation specter (I totally made this up). They are smooth, sleek and apply nicely with a brush. The blush is the most pigmented out of the three, as for the contour shade - you can overdo it, but since it doesn't really cling to your skin, you can blend it out nicely. And when I'm talking about clinging to your skin, I'm thinking more about cream contour sets. I always make a mess with those, so I'm feeling that this small palette is appropriate for newbies!

Here's how it looks on my skin - I used all three shades + the brush from this same LE.

Overall I am impressed with this palette - I like the design, the colors, and the pigmentation and I can actually use it and it comes out nicely (no orange undertones). With those duos, I never felt the need to use them, but this one makes me want to use it. It's weird and I can't explain it, but I am happy to own this product. 


Radiance Unlimited. The shimmering cream texture in a pen shape sets accurate highlights with ease. The light pearly shimmer ensures a cool, golden glow that’s easy to blend for natural-looking results thanks to the creamy texture. For a radiant and fresh look, apply the highlighter underneath the eyebrows, along the bridge of the nose, the forehead, the chin and above the upper lip. Blend softly using the fingers or a moist sponge. The result: targeted highlights to shape the face and create a natural, fresh glow.  

  • Shimmering cream texture in a pen shape
  • Simple, targeted application
  • For a radiant, fresh look 

The highlight stick comes in a sleek packaging that looks like an oversized lipstick. I like that the product is rounded. Why? Because it makes it look cute, haha. I, however, do feel that this may pose a problem for highlighting smaller areas like the nose

The overall look you're going to achieve while using it is very natural. Once it's blended you will hardly notice it - and it's also hard to build up the product. Which I find to be absolutely fine, for us noobs out there. :) 


Lips to hang on to. Two products in one packaging: the matt lipliner creates a perfect contour and can be used to fill the lips with colour, while the lipgloss provides a smooth, shiny finish.  
  • Matt lipliner for perfect contours
  • Colour-coordinated gloss
  • Smooth and supple finish

I got the duo in the color C02 Rosewood which is a nude pink with cool undertones. The lip pencil side is more pink, while the lip gloss part is more muted.  

I used the lip pencil to line my lips and then I applied the lip gloss. I liked this effect more, since if I used the lip pencil all over my lips, I had the feeling that there was something on my lips. 

The lip gloss side is very light, has a great doe-foot applicator and feels absolutely amazing on the lips. Non-sticky and lightweight

Since it's a shiny product it didn't survive eating and drinking. On it's own it started to vanish after a couple of minutes but after 2 hours it was nowhere to be found. I do talk a lot. And drink from a glass. Without any straws.


Daily Definition. Highlight and contour with just one tool: the slim, ergonomically shaped brush with thick, premium bristles can be used to set targeted highlights as well as for skilful shading that flatters the features, for example, “nose contouring”. Contouring has never been so easy. 

  • Ideal for highlighter and contouring powder
  • Slim, ergonomic brush shape
  • Thick, premium bristles

I must admit that at first, I had no idea how to use this brush. It looks interesting, to say the least, and I found it to be perfect to make a straight dark line on your cheeks. I didn't know that you can blend with it too. 

The brush is soft and firm since the bristles are pretty short (it's a short brush). Because of the short bristles, the application is firm and pretty much idiot proof. 

I like it and I will keep using it with my contouring products. I find it works the best for shading. Usually, Catrice's brushes are on the firm side, but this one is pretty cool. Way to go Catrice! 

Will you get anything from this LE?

*The products in this post were sent to me by the company or their PR. My reviews are always honest. 

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