Guest Post: Summer Weddings: Style & Makeup

Written by Peter Minkoff

Summer has always been the most popular season for weddings, with its sunny days and beautiful warm weather. Despite how lovely summer weddings can be, maintaining your style and makeup during these steamy days can be hard. Still, high temperatures shouldn’t prevent you from looking your best! There are useful tips on how to look stunning and feel comfortable in the formal wear even when it’s hot. When it comes to makeup, be wise and take some precautionary measures when choosing your beauty products. The right product could mean a difference between a perfect polished look and your makeup melting off of your face. 

Adapting your makeup routine to summertime

The most challenging step, when it comes to preparing your makeup for the summer wedding, is to make sure it doesn’t meltdown or prevent your skin from breathing. The trick lies in using light textured products the right way. Invest in products that satisfy your need to cover up the imperfections, but that also contain healthy ingredients your skin needs during the summer in order to stay moisturized and protected. Avoid foundations that are too oily in their structure, since they will cause excessive sweat and potentially ruin your wedding look. Be aware of the damaging sun effects and make sure your products contain SPF. Try using BB creams or other light products that will keep your skin hydrated and fresh. Natasha Cook Protection Foundation is a great choice since it will ensure a matt and healthy look for your skin. It contains UV protection (SPF 30+), as well as antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E. This product is recommended by professional skin experts as it provides your skin with vitamins that are crucial for healthy, acne-free skin, collagen production and neutralizing the effects of free radicals. When setting your wedding makeup, apply a primer before using other products in order to avoid the greasy look and provide a solid base that will ensure your makeup lasts longer. At high temperatures, waterproof mascara and eyeliner are a must-have! That way, you won’t need to worry about your makeup smearing, even if you get emotional and tear up at the ceremony. When it comes to choosing lipstick shades, stick to the neutral ones. If you wish to make a color statement, try toning down the rest for a balanced look. At the end, touch up with a mineral powder to make sure your makeup stays on. 

Choosing the outfit

The key to choosing the right outfit and looking elegant at the summer wedding is to avoid synthetic fabrics since they cause sweating. Turn to light and natural fabrics instead (e.g. cotton, coil or crepe), as they too can be a part of a formal wear. If you wish to wear silk, make sure it has a cotton fabric underneath. Although silk is a natural fabric, if it is in the direct contact with your skin, it may cause discomfort. Consider the type of the wedding in order to dress appropriately: is it a beach wedding or a casual wedding party in the garden? Make sure your outfit matches the occasion. Accessorize so it flatters your style and doesn't go over the top: choose the tasteful statement earrings or a necklace. When it comes to choosing colors, avoid white and similar light shades – they are reserved for the bride. Try stylewe.

If you'd prefer more classic, vintage wedding dresses, there are many options for you.

vintage wedding dresses

Embrace these simple rules of summer style and makeup habits and you will enjoy the wedding reception carelessly. With a little bit of effort, you can be the most stylish guest at the wedding!

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