Choosing the perfect cocktail dress

How did I choose the right cocktail dress?

A woman should have at least one cocktail dress in their wardrobe? Why? Just to be ready for that special occasion or maybe a drink or two with the special one. A dress which will make her sexy and pretty at the same time. We usually call it “that little small black dress” which should be appropriate for a casual night out and a formal event.

Do I own such a dress?
No, but I always wanted to. That's why I checked different sites to see if I can find a dress that would suit my body shape. A dress that would make it look prettier, you know?

I found this store, Aisle Styleyle that carries many different cocktail dresses, Wedding dresses, Bridesmaids dresses, Evening dresses and more.

The cocktail dress part of their site is quite interesting, featuring many what seem to be normal sized models. That's something for me!

Anyway, I am still not 100% sure which sort of cocktail dress would suit me best, but I do know about some tips on how to find a dress that will complement your body shape.

Here and here are some articles that tell some great tips and tricks about choosing your own cocktail dress – perfect for your body shape.

I have many different dresses (I realized I love wearing dresses in the last couple of months and since then it's been on my wishlist to own many more dresses and skirts than pants and T-shirts) and most are casual. Some of them are semi-formal, but none would go with a formal setting. So, I really need a cocktail dress in my life. 

So, if I got this right – I usually go for a casual/semi-formal sort of a dress, I'd have to pick something that would at least partially cover my arms (not all that
pretty), emphasize my waistline (thin compared to the rest of my body), make my upper/lower body look more symmetrical. I prefer an A-cut for my dresses, simply because they don't emphasize my hips. Maybe I'd even wear a nice necklace with it, to give it a more wow effect.

I'm sure that once I see such a dress in person (and try it on), I will finally be able to say that's the one I always dreamed of.
Whew, I never realized that finding a perfect dress is such a mentally challenging task. 

Do you have a nice cocktail dress?


  1. Jaz pa ful nimam oblekic - tu pa tam se najde kakšna! :) Čakam zdej da gredo kile dol, pa pol šoping na veliko! :D

    1. Res ne? Ej, ma jaz sem si isto govorila. Ko shujšam, bla bla bla. Pa sem si rekla (čez 3 leta, ja), da tudi če se to ne bo nikoli zgodilo, I want to wear dresses. NOW! :D

  2. I *love* cocktail dresses. They are the pinnacle of feminine beauty. I've found several at thrift-stores. You're right that the best ones are those that enhance your particular body-type. I envy your thin waist -- mine is as thick as my hips. It takes cunning and trickery for me to create an illusion of an hourglass shape.

    1. Ohhh, I really like how you described the cocktail dress. I also think you are doing great! Use some fancy belts and you're good to go. :)

  3. After this post I checked the site and I must say that they do have some great collection of dresses......

    1. Yesss, so many great dresses! So hard to choose from. But then again, I want them all! :D


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