New in: July 2016 part 2

In my previous New in post,I showed you what came to me to the Seaside. And since I came back there was a massive pile of goodies stashed next to my PC.

So, what did I get?

Since I talked about my Mi Band, it's only fair that I do talk about the accessories that I get for it.  
In this case, I ordered two bracelets - one is camouflage and the other is supposed to be some fancy stuff. Sadly my Mi band just died so it will be a while until I get it in these pretties. But let's hope it will get fixed and won't end in the trash!

Since I started recording videos for Youtube, I wanted to have a microphone for voiceovers. I never did voiceovers but it seemed like fun. Super fun!
Anyway, I got this one from Gearbest for about $7

Have you heard about Mi Key? It's of course by Xiaomi brand (which I am starting to like even more) and this button is actually a small device that you put into your audio jack and "program it" (with an app) to do several things when you press it. I prefer mine to be a "take a picture, now" kind of a button. You can add up to 5 shortcuts to it. 

Nuxe came out with something new and the PR lady from the company Sabex was very kind and sent me this product - Nuxe Refreshing After-Sun Lotion as a gift. So thank you! 

This is something that I wasn't expecting. Some PR goodies from Catrice from the upcoming (actually they're already in the store) line Contorious LE which is a contour line. I got four products: Sculpting Powder palette, Lip contour set (it's a lip liner and cream lipstick hybrid), Highlighter stick and a contour brush. I am super hyped and can't wait to play with them! 

Ebay is many times perfect for shopping. I got myself some Red Cherry Eyelashes which are made from human hair, so they are supposed to be super soft and easy to wear. 

The other product is another Etude House Proof 10 eye primer that I forgot how good it is. I got it off Ebay, from RoseRoseShop who is a trusted seller from South Korea. 

I couldn't resist this super mega sale that I stumbled upon and grabbed a set of three sets by Real Techniques. I have never tried their brushes, but I heard they are good. I'm hoping they are not fakes, but you never know, especially considering the price. But everything came packaged like the originals, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

As a bonus, I got this blending sponge which is super soft. I don't think I even have anything as soft as this sponge is. Wow! I wonder how it will work on my skin?

And for the least - I got two phone cases. Both are made from soft gel, the left with the print is softer than the right one that is pink. I wanted a hard cover case, but it was way too expensive. I may have to order it from Aliexpress where the same one is like $1! We'll see.. :)

Are you curious about any of these products? 


  1. Si me čisto razvadila z tvojimi videi in potem samo še tam kukam tvoje objave:). Meni so RT čopiči super za podlage, buffing brush in expert brush sta moja najljubša, pa setting brush, tudi contour brush mi je ok. Imam pa tudi ta set za oči, pa me nekako ni tako zelo prepričal. Gobica pa je že dolgo na mojem seznamu želja. Etude H. me je pa zamikal, samo zadnje obdobje niti nisemnosila preveč makeupa in primerjev sploh nisem uporabljala ampak ga bom imela v spominu.

    1. Ohhh, ja zdaj se odločam ali naj več snemam ali pišem. Je kar sitno :P. Sem neodločena. Jaz bi oboje, ampak dan ima le 24 ur.

      Gobica je top. Ful mehka, super se vpije in napije vode, obenem ne požre toliko izdelka, woo. Ampak ja, tudi moja se precej hitro uničuje (po prvi uporabi se je okrušila), ampak proti vsem ostalim je puhec in mi ful odgovarja. Si bom pač zalogo naredila.

      Etude House je res kul. Sem pozabila kako kul je, ampak zdaj spet ugotavljam. Juhu!

  2. Same amazing stvari. :D Tudi sama mam real techniques gobico in je ebelinova, ki sem jo imela prej trda kot kamen proti tej. Tudi pri vpijanju produkta je precejšnja razlika, ebelinova mi je ziher polovico "požrla". Je pa ful za slišat pritožbe nad real techniquesovo, da bi se naj hitro vničevala, čeglih jas tega pri moji nisem opazila pa jo mam mislim da skoraj 2 mesca pa jo redno uporabljam. :D

    1. Oooo ja, hvala! In true, druge so kot kamen!!
      Moja se tudi hitro uničuje, ampak ji oprostim, ker je tako mehka in je zelo preprosto delati z njo. Rabim zalogo! :)

  3. Ful me zanima kako se bo obnesel mikrofon - let me know <3

  4. Poročaj o čopičih, ker ja, jih res na polno hvalijo, jaz pa sem še zmeraj v iskanju kvalitetnih čopičev :)


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