New in: June 2016

As promised, here's a new NEW in a post with all the goodies I got last month. I can't believe how quickly does a month go by. Wow!

If you think that I didn't get a lot of stuff, you are very wrong. Come with me and check it out.

Let me start with the first "haul" aka What I got in my SummerMBeauty bags. There were a lot of products. Some of them are already being loved by me. You can see the video here (at the end of the post). 

I received this perfume sample - Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pera Granita from the SummerMBeauty event and I fell in love with it. I used it up in two days, haha. It smells so fresh and nice. Perfect for a summer night. 

Later I received some Avon PR goodies (I swear, they are spoiling me rotten). I am currently using the Tropics shower gel which is fantastic. Has a thicker cream consistency, but it smells exactly like some tropical fruits. Yum! The other things are waiting for their turn, except for the lip, which I didn't like and gave away.

I got some Artistry products for review purposes but was not so excited about finding out that I just got the refill part of the highlighter (which is lovely) and no container. The lip gloss is fine (has a LED light and a slightly minty scent) and I gave one away in a giveaway.

Eucerin was kind enough to send me samples of a lighter colored CC cream, which I already have in full size, but in a dark shade, which is too dark for me. And I found out that I do love the CC cream, but it will come in handy during Autumn days since it's not waterproof and I'm sweating a lot now. 

I will be doing a group review for Herbio which sent me all these goodies (okay I got the honey mask at the SummerMBeauty event). I must say that I'm impressed by their facial masks, but the sun lotions are a no-go for me because I can't get over the manly scent (like a men's aftershave lotion, blah!).

Afrodita surprised me with a massive package. I wasn't expecting it but welcomed it since it contained products that are perfect for summer. I am already using at least half of the stuff, so yay! 

And for the last, here's what I bought in June. I needed a new intimate wash and since I had a coupon for 50% off the Intimea brand, I got this one. I saw that it's made by Afrodita, which is nice since I liked their intimate washes and couldn't find them in our local store. The Balea cleansing oil was a must since all the bloggers kept raving about it - and you know what? It's freaking amazing! Of course, I couldn't go pass the Balea enzyme peeling, which I already reviewed here. I picked it up since I already used up that one and this one was on sale for 99c, because it's now available with a different formula and packaging. 

And what did you get this month?


  1. Ta parfum je božansko dišeeeeč tudi meni. A ti ta Herbio maska naredi tako ful mehko kožo, ker meni je nardila res ful, ful mehko, sem že celo porabila, samo vonj mi je bil tak umeten in pa tist k se zasuši v pumpici mi ni blo kul:)

    1. Jaaa, dišiii!! In ja za Herbio masko. Ampak meni vse encimske maske naredijo enak efekt. Super mehko kožo. I love it :D. Probaj od Balee, isti šmorn :D.

  2. Meni je CC krema od Eucerina super - res mi naredi lepo polt, ampak sem si sama kupila light odtenek, ker sem prejela seveda temnejšega in vprašala če mi lahko zamenjajo glede na to da "pričakujejo" objavo, pa nisem dobila odgovora 14 dni... Potem sem poslala še en mail, da v kolikor ni možna zamenjava da bom izdelek podarila naprej (niti ne v nagradni igri, zato ker imajo podatke o tem kakšno kožo imam). Dobila odgovor naj pošljem nazaj in nič kaj dosti več. Potem jih prosim za naslov - od takrat mi ga pošiljajo. Hence - temnejši odtenek sem dela tašči, sebi sem šla pa kupit svetlejšega. Saj razumem da gre za znamko, ampak tak odnos mi je pri Eucerinu trenutno zelo mimo (pa niso edini), in kmalu bom objavila nasplošno kaj mislim o odnosu PR hiš do blogerk.

    1. Ja, te PR firme dobijo sredji odtenek VSEGA. Groza! Ampak ful mi je čuden njihov odnos glede na to, da so ISTA firma kot Nivea (aderma). In ja, se strinjam, to ni noben odnos! Povej, ko objaviš, bom delila!

  3. Balejino olje za odstranjevat makeup je super, enako sem zadovoljna z Afroditino kremo za obraz za sončenje, ostalega pa še nisem poskusila..

    Nisem vedela da ima Balea tudi encimni piling :O

    1. Oooo ja, jaz imam zalogo olja. Morem po še enega, če ga kje še najdem. Mislim res je škoda, da gre iz prodaje :(.

      In jaaa, balea ima encimski piling. Poceni in dober :D.


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