Review: Lunette Selene in size 1

Since so many of you asked me to do a review after I try it out, I decided to give it a go. Before my first use I throw it into boiling water for 3 minutes, so it would be ready for me to use it. To disinfect it. I was so enthusiastic to try it, that I did it on a 'no menstruation' day. Yap, you can do that. But you have to use water or lube. I didn't. Nope, I forget, I was too eager.

Lunette Selene

  So I tried to do the fold as it was shown on the pictures (in the instructions), it was the C fold. If you'd like to see how those folds look like, check this video! She's using the Lunette selene cup to show it too! What happened? I inserted it in, and it was a hard task. I hurt myself and I started to bleed, ouch! And it was annoying, the 'tail' kept poking me, it was itching, I could even feel it. That was a really unpleasant experience and it freaked me out. Yap. When my menstruation came, I was too afraid to use my Lunette. But the second day I decided to try it once more. I mean I HAD to learn how to do it right. So I read some forums about menstrual cups, to get me motivated. And it worked! I was too excited to try it out. Again! (I'm weird, aren't I?) I used some lubricant this time and it was just fine. But the little tail kept poking me again. So I decided to cut it off. Not fully but to leave like 1 cm of it. Otherwise it was pretty comfortable. I slept with it just to wake up in the morning and find the horror of emptying it. OMG! I was sleepy, and I couldn't pee because the cup was too high. So I had to take it out. And there it was, something was inside and it made me feel sick. It was terrifying even if it's natural lol. I emptied it and stopped there. 

But the next day I got my period.
What now?
 I promised you a review so I decided to use it. The same day I watched that video about folds and learned the Origami fold which works best for me. The same day I cut the little tail entirely off. Yep. And you know what? When it was gone, and I inserted the cup, I didn't feel it. It was so comfortable that I couldn't believe it! I thought that I'd have some problems with popping it open, but no. It worked perfectly, even for such a newbie as I am. It felt better than any tampon did or any pad. It was just wonderful! I used a day pad with it, to see if it would leak. 
And it didn't. Ever! Even if I thought I had my period pretty strong, I couldn't fill it only to the 1st line. No more. Wonderful! That means I only have to empty it 2x/day. Because you can keep it inside for 12 hours before emptying it. I wore it when I got out, and I was a little nervous. I knew it was there, and if I concentrated I could even feel it a little. But it was really comfortable. I think I got hooked on it. I will never use tampons again. They dry me out and feel uncomfortable and even when they feel comfy that's because I'm using the smallest one available on the market. And those fill up pretty quickly. I would suggest all the ladies out there to at least try it. I know that it's pretty expensive (mine was 32€), but if you calculate.. You can use it up to 10 years, and in three months it pays you off! How wonderful is that?

+ comfortable
+ pretty
+ easy to clean even for such a newbie as I am
+ easy to insert and even easier to take out
+ you can take it out every 12 hours (that's the max time)
+ It doesn't take much more time to insert and take out than a tampon

- The fact that I could pee more if I didn't have the cup inserted. I couldn't empty my bladder till the end, but I couldn't even feel that I have to pee... Hmm no idea if that's good or bad xD. It wasn't a too bad thing because I've realized that only after I peed, washed my hands and took the cup out and then peed some more. 
- The little tail. It poked me, so I cut it off
- The price. But it does pay off in a couple of months!

Would I recommend it? Yes, absolutely! I love it, and I'll be using it during my periods. It's not messy at all (even if I just started using it, I never spilled blood or made a mess). It could be compared to tampons in term of messiness. So far I LOVE it!

2nd month I said that I'll write an update when I'll use it for the 2nd time and so on. It's been almost two weeks since I've used it, but I still remember everything! YEAH! I wanted to skip my period (really unhealthy!), but then I remembered that I have to test out the menstrual cup. I really had no problems with it. I even used it without pads, and it was really easy. And clean. I also used it at work.. Cleaned it in the toilet. No problems at all. Just one small note. Before cleaning the cup in a public bathroom, stuff the toilet with toilet paper, just like if you'd go to poo ;P. Why? Well because all the blood is quite thick and it stayed in the tube (I'm not sure what it's called), and even after several flushes it didn't move. It stayed there. So I had to clean it. Eh. Other than that, my experience was really good. It didn't leak, even after loooong hours (12hours), I couldn't feel it, damnit I even forgot I was wearing it! But I hurt myself twice, when I was taking the cup out. I'm clumsy, I need to practice that part. The last day I was using pads, and I hated them the moment I stick them to my panties. Lunette will be my regular thing to use! I'll update it the next month too ;). One more thing. Before I use it for the first time in my period time, I boil it in regular water for 2-5 minutes.
  3rd month: Nothing special happend this month, just a little worry before I had to start using the menstrual cup! Why? Well I'm not sure, but I'm still not fully used to it, I mean when I am already using it, it's perfect, no leaking, no daily pads need, nothing of nothing! But before anything begins, I have to persuade myself into using it. Yes, because I'm one damn lazy bum! So far I had no problems with it!
  4th month: Now, I'm completely used of it. I wore it at night, I wore it in a hot tub, I wore it during sport,.. anything really. And it didn't leak, it was.. great! I emptied it twice/day, so it's completely fine for such a lazy ass as I am. The only time I used pads, was when I was using those vaginal tablets for 'ruined ph'. I got so used of it, that I don't think I could live without it anymore... Oh, and how do you know your period is over with it? When you cannot insert it anymore. That's correct. When you have to wet it with water to insert it again. Then it's over. I think this is it, for my Lunette review, because now I can finally call myself a menstrual cup user!
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