The one that got away

I got so super inspired to do a makeup (and try some extra heavy foundation to see how long it will last on me) that I just, you know, did it. 

I took my beloved  Naked Basic 2 palette and an orange mineral eyeshadow and created an almost wearable look. :)

I used:

Ben Nye HD Foundation (in a pan)
Essence Matt Touch Blush (20 Berry Me Up!)

Makeup Revolution liquid primer, very old and on its last breath
 (This thing is THE GLUE, seriously. I can't get the eyeshadow from my hand, because of it..  )
H&M Eyebrow powder kit
Avon eyeshadow Primer
Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette
FaceFront Circus Circuit mineral eyeshadow (metal orange)
Essence waterproof eyeliner (discontinued)
Catrice ZENsation eyeliner (for the dot)
Essence Forbidden volume + topcoat

Maybelline Vivid Rose

As you can see, my ability to draw a straight line with the eyeliner ran away and can't be found. If you find it, please bring it back to me. It's missed dearly! :D

I tried some new angles and let me be damned, I have visible wrinkles!! 

And with the title. I just like dramatic titles. Nothing more. =)

What sort of makeup should I do next?


  1. Paše ti! <3
    Zelo lep look, ti pikici pod očmi lepo poudarita celoten videz. :) Tvoji makeup looki so mi vedno TAKO VŠEČ! *.*

  2. jaaaa pikice super ti pašejo:), res, prav ful carsko izpadeta. In cel look ti super pristaja**

  3. Lepoticaaa! <3
    Tile pikici pod okicami sta me spomnili, da jih sama že predolgooo časa nisem naredila, kar bom vsekakor popravila. :) Včasih ne veš, da nekaj pogrešaš, dokler ne vidiš. ;)

    1. Jaaa, kar dej, dej, dej! In objavi. Tvoji MU-ji so vedno zanimivi!


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