Shower rutine made shorter with Nivea

As you may do remember, I talked about the sample I got back in December of the Nivea in Shower Body Milk. You can find the mention here.

And since I had the lotion in such good thoughts, I decided to buy it as soon as I put my feet a drugstore. Of course, that just didn't happen right away, since I was trying to stay the heck away from them, but once I did get into one... well. I got some stuff. One of them was the Nivea Smooth Sensation In shower body milk. 

Oh, and the other? I was sent it by Nivea because I was wondering about the differences between the two.  If you are curious as I was, keep reading :). 

Okay, so first:

What is an In Shower Milk? 
Good question. I was confused too, at first. Is it a body lotion? A shower gel? Do I use it instead of the shower gel or soap? No?

It's actually an in-shower body lotion. As the name says, haha! You don't skip the washing part with your regular products, but you do however skip the fuss of applying the body milk outside the shower. 

Why? Because it's perfect for us, lazy people
I admit, I am extremely lazy and I never really bothered to use body lotions. Simply because one extra step was too much for me. Even when my skin was so dry, that it itched! Yes. 

I think this product is perfect for all the lazy people and all other who aren't used to apply body lotions just yet. It's a nice step in between.

From Nivea they say that these products are like a hair conditioner, but for skin!
Sounds fun, right? And it is. After you are done with your application on your still wet skin, you just rinse it off. Just like that. And you are basically done. Soft skin for days, well at least until the next shower ;).

Now that we know what an in-shower body milk is, let's talk about the two versions I have.


NIVEA In-Shower Smooth Body Lotion turns essential skin care into a daily ritual. Enriched with shea butter, it is specially formulated to nourish dry skin and has all the indulgent qualities of NIVEA Smooth Sensation Body Lotion. The result is an irresistibly smooth skin feeling without any stickiness or waiting around. Also suitable after shaving and depilation, this versatile product leaves the body feeling silky smooth and provides moisturization for up to 24 hours. The special NIVEA In-Shower Smooth Body Lotion fragrance is full of dreamy vanilla notes, which linger long after the shower. Meanwhile, the delicate floral bouquet of precious white musk, sandalwood leaves the skin feeling positively pampered from day to night.

My thoughts:
This is the one I purchased myself and I use it regularly. I somehow prefer it to the Firming lotion, because it has no cooling effect and there are no beads that need to be rubbed in the skin, to be broken apart. It's just like a plain old body lotion, except that you use it during shower time. Smells nice and fresh and a bit buttery and it does also make my skin feel nice and smooth. I am really digging such an application of a "body lotion". The lazy person in me is screaming "Finally!". So, yes, I am happy. :D


The first Firming Skin Conditioner from NIVEA®. A new way of easy and pleasant skin firming. With visible Q10 beads.Wet skin can directly take up the caring formula, which is quickly absorbed. Result: smooth, soft skin already when stepping out of the shower. There is no need to apply a normal body lotion afterwards.

My thoughts:
As you can see, the Firming body lotion came first on the market. It's also the one that I was sent by Nivea. It contains small, yellow beads that get broken down and absorbed into the skin as soon as you rub it in a bit. It has a cooling effect and I seem to forget it whenever I am vigorously applying it on my tights. Because sometimes it gets on my crotch area and after a couple of minutes it really starts to feel cold down there! So don't be me, just be a bit more careful. ;)
I don't know about the firming effect, but it does leave my skin nice and smooth. And the scent that is a bit fresh, menthol like, makes me feel more awake

I am actually a fan of the products that get reinvented and seem to come "out of the box" like this product does. The price is in the medium range of body lotions, which is about 5€/250ml. You also don't use much of the product, since you apply it to wet skin. I think the next one I'm going to get is the one I had the tester of, which is the Cocoa version. I finally saw it in the stores, but I must use at least one of them before I go grab a new one. :P

Did your "lazy" person in your also scream FINALLY when you saw this product? Let me know in the comments. 

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