Empties #19

It's that time again! What time? Well, of course - empties time!
I accumulated quite a lot of empties since the last such post which was in November. 

Which products did I use and what do I think about them? Read on. 

NIVEA Caring Micellar Water (~4€)
I wasn't impressed and you can read why, here. I won't repurchase it.

CORINE DE FARME Purity Micellar Water (~7€)
Similar to Nivea's I wasn't impressed with this one either. More about it here
Again I won't repurchase it. No, sir. 

VISION SOL Soft contact lens Solution (~10€)
This was a staple product when it comes to cleaning my contact lenses. It's inexpensive and does its job well. I repurchased it a dozen times, but now I switched to DM's contact solution brand. 

BALEA Shower Gel Lime & Aloe Vera (mini from the Advent Calendar)
This is practically the perfect size of a shower gel for me (except for L'Occitane's almond oil). It smells delicious and a mix between sweet and fresh. I am not a fan of lemony scents, but this one is divine. Will repurchase

BALEA Oil Repair Hair Mask (~2€)
A hair mask that I discovered quite some time ago, but had to purchase it right away. I like it and it did help with my overly bleached hair. Now I feel that I've gotten all that I could from it, so it will be a while until I repurchase it. It does have a nice caramel-like scent. 

ORIFLAME Volume Boost Dry Shampoo (~8€)
This is one of my favorite dry shampoos ever. It's true that I haven't tried many of them, but I did enjoy this one. You can read more about it, here. I am not sure about repurchasing it since I can't get it in drugstores, but if it would be available in drugstores I would repurchase it in a heartbeat

DOVE Maximum Protection deodorant (~8€)
An expensive deodorant, which is basically their regular cream deodorant in one of those screw patents that make the cream come out from small holes. You know what I'm talking about? Well, it's like that. I did like it, but I feel it's overly expensive and when used regularly you will use it up in less than a month. So, I don't think I will repurchase it! 

AVEO Mandel nail polish remover (0.8€)
A nail polish remover with acetone that I keep repurchasing because I like using it to remove gel polish. It works really great and doesn't dry out my cuticles. But it does stink a bit. 
Will definitely repurchase.

MULLER Jojoba Oil (~9€)
This is the jojoba oil I was purchasing for the last several years. I liked it, but it's nothing special. However, it is inexpensive.  Sometimes I used it for my cuticles or for my face. But I feel it's a little "not enough" and should be mixed with another oil. 
Won't repurchase, for now. 

LACTACYD Femina Intimate wash (~5€)
My staple. I repurchase it whenever I run out of it. It cleans nicely and in a gentle way. The scent is fine, nothing too noticeable and has OK ingredients. Will definitely repurchase it. 

MELVITA Pulping Radiance Cream (~35€)
I loved it. Seriously. Loved it! It worked perfectly for my crazy skin and I loved every bit of it. 
The scent is great - very rosy and it got absorbed quickly into the skin. I would repurchase it if I had the extra funds. The downside is that I used it in a month. Whoops. 

ORIFLAME Electric Facial Brush Head (2€)
I repurchased a bunch of them, so it was finally time to say goodbye to the first brush. It served me well, but I like to change them every 3 months, or maybe a bit more if not used regularly. :)
Yes, I do like it! You can read more here.

LA ROCHE POSAY Lipikar Shower Oil (sample)
I got it in the LRP sample pack and I must say that I do like it. My skin was left hydrated after use and there was a lesser need to use a body lotion (no itchy skin!). I will definitely purchase the full size, but the big downside for me is the scent. It's a bit ... sour? IDK. 

AFRODITA Hydra Thermal Serum (9€)
I talked about it here. I have in mind that it is worth to be purchased again, I just need to use up all my other stuff first. So, I will repurchase it. 

VICHY Purete Thermal Cleansing Gel (sample)
I think I received it a year ago with the Vichy goodie bag which I received as part of a prize from competing in a beauty competition. I used it regularly and I must say that the scent was lovely, fresh and it didn't dry out my skin. That's a huge plus since so many products seem to be drying out the heck out of my skin. This didn't and I liked it. Will repurchase. 

BALEA Enzym Peeling (2€)
I talked about it here, and I can't believe it took me this long to use it up! It's been almost a year! I didn't use it as regularly as I'd like to, but I did enjoy the effect it gave me. I would repurchase it, but I don't think I have seen it since the time I purchased it. Hm. 

MELVITA Rose Floral Water (~15€)
At first, I had no idea what exactly is this thing used for. Or how should I use it. Should I spray it on a pad? Directly on my face? I later decided to spray it directly on my face, because this was it is less wasteful and I get the best effect. It helped my creams to absorb better and because of it, I could use less facial creams as without it. It's a wonderful product that I will repurchase. It made wonders for my skin! 

4 KIDS AND US - Day Cream (~50€)
I really liked this cream and I talked in depth about it here. I would definitely repurchase it if I had the chance. It lasted me about three months. 

DVOREC TREBNIK - Funky Coconut Creamy Hand Gel (~5€)
The best hand cream I have tried in months. It gets absorbed easily and quickly and leaves my hands behind wonderfully soft. I talked about it hereWould repurchase!

L'OCCITANE - Melting Honey Hand Cream (8€)
A fun little hand cream that deserves some special attention because of the fun texture it had. And because I totally used it up in less than a month, even if I used it really sparingly. I talked about it here.  This was a limited edition so it's not available anymore. 

CATRICE Ink Eyeliner (~5€)
I am always a big fan of eyeliners by Catrice. This one sadly wasn't waterproof so I couldn't use it for longer lasting looks. You see, my eyes sometimes do water in the corners and then most eyeliners go to... hell.  I did like it, however, I won't be repurchasing it in a non-waterproof version

CATRICE Lip Glow (4€)
I talked in depth about it here.  I may repurchase it, but for now, I am focusing on using the products I already own. 

ESSENCE Lipstick in Natural Beauty (2€)
It's not a long time that I had this lipstick. I even decided to put in my "has to be used up this year" bin. But then I noticed one thing. It started smelling. And smelling pretty bad. You know, like spoiled cosmetics? Well, it smelled like that. EW. 
I am not sure about repurchasing this same shade, but I will definitely be checking other shades from the same line. 

DONTODENT - Flour Fresh Toothpaste (2€)
I'm not a huge fan of tubes of toothpaste that have fluoride but for some reason, I bought this one. We used it and it was fine. Nothing special, except it, is really minty. Kind of spicy. Cleans well and doesn't leave any funky aftertaste. I wish Dontodent would have a toothpaste without any fluoride in it since they have some nice products.  I am thinking about repurchasing it. So, it's a maybe.

Funky looking small pot
Okay, in this small pot I had stored my foundation so I could take it with me to the seaside. I got it from Jolse as a part of a limited edition of small travel cosmetics pots - I won it in a giveaway. Sadly this small thing broke during traveling (the screw lid kind of just broke at the top) and I have to throw it away. Luckily I have another one from the set, but I am still sad. I don't like to throw away lovely looking items.

CARMEX Lip Balm (2€)
No, what? I was sure I didn't use any in the last couple of months. Is this possible? That I am using them without knowing? Maybe I have an addiction?! LOL. Anyway, I love them a lot and I probably just forgot to throw them away from last time, who knows, right? They are forever on my purchase list and will be forever repurchased.  


NIVEA In-Shower Body Milk - Cocoa & Milk
This is the first in shower lotion that I tried and because I liked it so much (I'm lazy, remember) I purchased a similar full sized product. I couldn't find exactly this version, but I did like this one the best. It's really nice! 

BALEA Hydra Mask
I received it as a two pack from the Balea Advent Calendar and I can't say anything bad about it. Not even something too good about it, except that it is fine. Not something I would get as a full size, but fine for here and there. :) 

To be honest, I was expecting a nice and light mask. But truth to be told it's far away from light. It looks as this thick pink mask that dried the heck out of my skin and made it BURN! The after effect was bad so I will stay away from it.. nope. Not good at all. 

BIODERMA Sebium Ai (sample)
I received it from my Derm and this is actually the second sample of the same product. I only used it for spot treatment for which it worked really well. It contains glycolic acid and as a spot treatment, it helped dry out the acne overnight. Of course, it kind of itched a bit, but because of how well it worked, I am thinking about purchasing a full size since it's a product everyone needs in their skincare regime. 

LA ROCHE POSAY Effeclar Purifying Foaming Gel (sample)
This is a cleansing product that did kind of dry out my skin. I noticed it only after vigorous use, but the almost invisible effect was there. I used it up before I completely realized what it did to my skin. However, it does clean the skin nicely. I won't be repurchasing this product. 

MACADAMIA Rejuvenating Shampoo 
I was really sceptical about this brand because it's one of those that everyone is raving about, only to find that in the long run it did only worsen the condition of everyone's hair. You know, like Orofluido? But I am hoping it's not the same with this shampoo. It cleansed my hair really nicely but it was still all lovely and soft after use. I may purchase a full-size product once I get my hands on another couple of samples. I won't be purchasing a full sized expensive product based on a small sample.

OMBIA 100% Cotton Facial pads (1.50€ for 2)
You know, they did something to them that made them so much better than what they were. I don't know what, but not they don't feel as artificial as they did before. The pads are really soft and don't just dissolve on the first touch of water / cleaning product. And they are super inexpensive because for the price of one you get two! You can get yours in Hofer or Aldi. I will keep repurchasing them since they are less expensive than the Ebelin ones (which were the only pads I liked before). 

TOSAMA Jasmin Pads (~3€)
In this package, you get 100 pads which tend to break up after one "scrub" of the face. I mean, it's irritating how bad these are. I really dislike them and I totally talked about them in an old post.  Let me quote myself from the post (here). "I started using it with some new cotton pads, which were more expensive than my normal ones, They were also more compact and thus they would drink up more of the product. Also, would break easily once soaked. I'm talking about the Tosama line Jasmin, and these are "sensitive". Oh, the joke! These pads would rub and drag my skin, so at the end it would burn! ". 
Oh yea, so repurchase? Nope, not gonna happen. Ever. 

This was a really long post that took me quite a lot of time to finish. But now it is here. 

Which product did you like? Do you have any of the products and would like to share your thoughts, let me know in the comments. :) 

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