Magic Planner Review

I have had this Magic plannerc planner for a couple of months and I am finally ready to tell you what I think about it. 

You can read a post about the cards that I got before the planner, here and later continue on with this post. :)

I started using it right when it was time to do so which was at the beginning of October.

I really liked that mine came with a big inspirational card as you can see in the picture below. 
 The card is so much bigger than the smaller pink "Leave a little sparkle wherever you go" and I had the idea of putting it in a frame. Later I just taped it to the door so I can look at it whenever I go out :).

The planner alone has nicely drawn months and a monthly and weekly planner for each month. I found the weekly plans to be really useful to write all the stuff you can't put in a small monthly window.
  The drawings are extra cute! It's one of the things that makes this planner unique and the reason why I can't forget to use it. I take it wherever I go :).

Monthly pages. Some parts are "blurred" because you really don't have to know that I have a special dedicated day to depilate myself. xD

Weekly plan pages. You get as many of these as many as you need, so if a month has 4 weeks, you get 4, if a month has more, you get more :). That means you won't run out of them!

I don't write my weekly goals or how much money I have spent (no trials left behind, mwahaha). But I do write notes and sometimes what I am grateful for. 

If you like such sort of things, you also get a couple of pages to plan your meals, your budgets and birthdays. You get a purchase list, too. I don't use these pages because I prefer to use my phone for such menial tasks, but to each their own :).

My planner came with a soft paperback and that's one of the things I'm not too excited about. Such covers get bent or distorted and damaged pretty easily and that makes me sad. 

Here's a picture of the paperback side after a couple of trips in my bag. And it was just in my bag! 

Luckily the newer version comes with hard pages or, at least, you can pick your own version of the planner you want. I know there were some improvements from the first design and I give their creative team a thumbs up for taking the critique like a champ!

I absolutely recommend this planner to all my fellow bloggers and people who need or want to keep track of their days :). 

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