Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick N.23

Today I'll be showing you lip swatches of this lovely dark burgundy lipstick by Golden Rose.
Golden rose is a new brand on the Slovenian market, but it's a well-known brand in the world. 

Their mat lipsticks are very sought after and also their amazing nail polishes (they have so many of them!!).

After the BBMULJ 2015, we got a pretty envelope together with a nail polish and the mascara from the Golden Rose.  In the envelope, there was an invite for us to pick a date and come get our very own lipstick from them. 

I think this was a great idea and it got me all excited. I heard many great things about their matte lipsticks so I decided to get myself one. 

The choice wasn't hard since I knew I wanted the darkest red available. And of course, I'm talking about the shade N.23. They sadly don't have names, just numbers.

I managed to maim my lipstick the very fist day (it's not pointy anymore haha), but it does still work wonderfully.

Here you can see it on my lips. I had to play with the lightness of the pictures since they all came out too dark.

It's actually the darkest and most wearable lipstick I own. Okay, I also have a violet one, but I wouldn't wear that to go grab a coffee. 

Firstly, you really have to be careful with the application, because once it's on, it's there to stay. 
Secondly, This lipstick doesn't budge after a period (30 min). It won't go anywhere. 
Thirdly, you can drink and eat, but you will have to re-apply the lipstick if you eat anything oily.
Fourthly, since it's a matte lipstick it's quite drying and clings to all dry patches on your lips. 

Overall I think it's a nice lipstick that looks wonderfully and will be my staple during the colder months of the year. 

I don't remember the exact price, but if I got it correctly these lipsticks are about 5€. Less probably. 


  1. Kakšen lep odtenek :)

  2. Meni so super, sem si isto izbrala en temnejši odtenek. In ne ni rdeč :) sta me Monika in Sara prepričali, da preizkusim drug odtenek. :)

    1. Hahaha, packe :P. Samo rdeča je itak must have. Ej, kakšen odtenek pa imaš potem?

  3. o moj bog kako si lepa na tej zadnji sliki, upam, da si se dobr pogledala, ker je fotka bam, bam:) iii jst imam tudi mat šminkico in je superrrr:), heheh Ana pa res ni dobila rdečega odtenka:)

    1. Photoshop!!! 100%%%%%. :D Pa nov kot slikanja tudi pomaga. Pa faco imam fotogeničnoooo.. lol :D
      Jaaa, mat šminke so freaking awesome <3. In ste bile packe lol :D Si vas predstavljam, "Ne, Ana, res ne rabiš rdeče šminke, dej kaj novega probaj, no!".

  4. Kok ti paše <3 Se ti jo da primerjat z Laetitio? *puppyeyes*

    1. Hvala <3. In hm, ja v bistvu lahko :). Bom jutri poslikala, danes se mi ne da več slikat :P

  5. Kok si dobra lejo! Odtenek je čist nalašč zate <3 Pa tooook si fotogenična! Sem mislila, da imam isto šminko, zdej pa vidim, da je moja v odtenku N14.

    1. Jooooj hvalaaa <3, kakšne hude komentarje dobivam danes punceee <3.
      N. 23 je freaking amazing. Bom po želji Ine naredila še primerjavo z Laetitia Pure Red.

  6. Hudača! Res ti ful paše temen odtenek šminke!:;)


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