Essence Advent Calendar - 5 reasons to own it (next year)

The year 2015 was the year of Advent Calendars. If the year before we couldn't get even one advent calendar in our stores, this year everything changed.

From December 1st to December 24th I was opening the windows of two advent calendars (the second is from Balea). Today I'm going to show you what was inside of Essence's advent calendar and what I think about it. 

Why do I think it's perfect for all the Polish-aholycs (nail polish lovers out there)?

  1. You get 20 nail polish in it. 15 creams and 5 top coats. 
  2.  They are cute and small (5ml)
  3.  All of them are limited editions, created for the advent calendar
  4. There's a big chance you'll love the polishes you get! 
  5. It's exciting getting a new nail polish on the daily.

Did I enjoy it? Hell yes! 

I only wish it would come without nail files, with you know.. two extra nail polishes :P. The small bag is too cute to skip it tho. 

I think that this was a great purchase (27€ for 20 polishes, 2 nail files, a beauty bag and some nail stickers) and I hope there will be a new version for 2016 because you know what? I loved it
Of course not every single color (the pastel olive green is just not my thing and I have enough toppers, so those were mostly a miss for me) made it on my WOW list, but there are some that I would normally never buy, but loved them once I got them in the calendar. 

Here are all the nail polish swatches (click on image to see it in full size)

I also liked the happy thoughts you could find next to the nail polish. It made my day happier ;). That's why I was a bit disappointed in the lack of nice words written in the Balea advent calendar :).

What do you think of this advent calendar? Do you have a favorite nail polish from it?

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