China Glaze - Duplicityy (Tranzitions)

I decided to try and get into the partnership review program over at since I wanted to try some new nail products.
I wasn't all that sure that I could get in, but you know, more than no or no reply, wouldn't happen, no?

Anyway, the day I got a confirmation email, that yes, they'd love to work with me, was a really happy day. I was excited and I picked two products.

China Glaze - Dupicityy is the first of the two products. It's a polish from a very old collection, which is special because it changes color as soon as it touches a top coat. The concept is very interesting.

My nails are currently so-so, because my last manicure literally just peeled off, uhh. I had to use a ridge filler base polish, but even then, it didn't cover all the imperfections. 

Now, let's talk about the China Glaze polish. I was somehow expecting it to be sheer or something similar. But I couldn't have been more wrong! It goes on like a dream. It has the perfect consistency (not thick, not thin) and needs only one coat to get to full opacity. I was in awe!
The only downside is the smell. Yuck!
Luckily it vanishes when you apply your top coat, but without it.. ew.

I did a polka dot manicure with it and I can see myself using it quite regularly. 

I noticed that if I didn't use a thicker layer of polish, I'd get a streaky application (as in some random lines in it, because of the brush dragging the color around), the same was true for the top coat. So - use thicker layers of everything. And even then you may not get a perfectly even manicure. Do I mind?
No, not really. It's a different polish from the rest of my polishes, so it can have it's little quirks. :)

You can get it here.

It's not a nail polish for everyone, it's probably a nail polish for all the crazy nail polish ladies out there (including me) ;).

What do you think about it?

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