Catrice - Graphic Grace Eyebrow Pen

From the end of January, you'll be able to get the Catrice Graphic Grace Limited edition. I reviewed a palette from it here, but now it's time to talk about the eyebrow pencil.

I normally use eyebrow pencils and over them, a bit of eyebrow powder. So, when I got this, I was ecstatic. I love my Catrice eyebrow pencil which is cheap and the perfect shade for me and I was hoping this new one would be the same.

It looked like with it, it would be so much easier to create perfect and flawlessly looking eyebrows.

From the Catrice Website: 
Pro(file). A professional eyebrow pen with a creamy, wax-like texture. The slim, triangular tip is ideal to optically fill and contour the brows while the brush shapes the brows and adds definition. The colour, an ash brown, guarantees especially natural-looking results.

The price will be about 3€, which is not expensive especially considering how long it will last you. 
Sadly it's only available in one shade, which is brown. 

A swatch. 
 It's extremely easy to control the pen
The texture is creamy, pigmented and a bit on the waxy side.

Right after application and after I took the picture, I used a wet wipe to clean it off. It took me a lot of rubbing before it got off in small flakes. I found it quite interesting.

My first use was... terrible. 

I applied it as I normally do my eyebrow pencil. But you know, this one is far away from your regular pencil. It glides easily, even on the hair and leaves a bold line behind. I pressed strongly and firmly and quickly I had two angry catepillars instead of eyebrows.

This time, I used a different approach. 
First I drew some lines. Like this. 

It may look funny, but after I brushed my eyebrows it started to look more like it. I repeated the process once more and voila, human looking eyebrows. 
Are they perfect? No. But lately, I've been digging the "messy look" on my eyebrows.

The don't look that bad in real life. Especially if I don't have a heavy hand while applying it.

Mess free (if you don't exaggerate, learn from my mistakes!) eyebrows.

What is my final verdict?
Honestly? We need more of such products. In more colors. Pinks, blondes, reds and so on. I want eyebrows of all the colors of the rainbow. Why? Because it's extremely easy to use and these last as long as you want them to. Mess free (if you don't exaggerate, learn from my mistakes!) eyebrows. 
I am digging it!

This product was sent to me by the company itself or its PR. For more information, please do read my Disclosure Policy. My opinion is always honest.


  1. Oooo, tole rabim! :D Kok maš ti lepe oči drgač <3

  2. Lepotka! <3
    Jst mam zlo podoben svinčnik za obrvi od Etude. No, zdej mi je že nekako razpadel po skoraj več kot letu uporabe, kar je logično :) In je super. Tko da naslednji bo ta od Catrice, čeprav zdej že mam ene 3 svinčnike za obrvi, ampak eden več se ne bo poznal, ane? :D #večniizgovori

    1. Hihhi, eden več se RES ne bo poznal :P. Ohhh, Etude house. I love asian cosmetics <3.
      Tale Catrice je LE, ampak upam, da kaj podobnega dajo počasi v redno serijo. Čaki, sej mislim da bo, nimam več pojma.. hm.

  3. Jaz se sploh ne znajdem z njim, bi mogla še malo preizkušat kako in kaj bi mi najbolj sedlo :)

    1. Probaj z lažjo roko. Prvič sem izgledala, kot da imam dve zelo jezni in debeli gosenici namesto obrvi. :D


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