Catrice Linear Lines Palette - GRAPHIC GRACE Limited Edition

This month and until mid-March we will be able to purchase the new Catrice Limited Edition - Graphic Grace

A clear strategy. Classic cuts, bright colours, graphic patterns – that’s the recipe for success for a bold fashion look full of energy. Architectural Bauhaus elements as well as straightforward, purist designs are the focus of the fashion shows, a trend for the future and an investment in timeless design. Linear shapes and intensive colors are the central design elements of the Limited Edition “Graphic Grace“ by CATRICE, available from the end of January until mid-March 2016. CATRICE implements the eye-catching colors orange and fuchsia from the Spring/Summer color range and combines it with contrasting gray and nude. Matt to soft shimmering textures interacts to create a feminine make-up style. Beauty and Style – by CATRICE.

I received a palette from this LE and here's what I think about it. 

The description of the palette says:

Colour Code. Four highly pigmented powder eye shadows in one attractive packaging with a linear pattern. The concept unites one bold colour each to accentuate the eyes – orange or fuchsia – with contrasting grey or beige shades. Matte and shimmering effects add expression and give the eye make-up a lively touch.

I really like the pattern on the packaging, which is otherwise a plain plastic square. It's quite heavy, but I don't think the hinges would survive more than one fall (other parts would). Not the prettiest palette out there (but that's what I think about all quad Catrice palettes).

The colors are very wearable, perfect for daily wear and if you want - some pop of color. 

This palette isn't vegan friendly because it contains Carmine (in the fuchsia shadow). And Carmine, well we do know how it's made, no?

Here's are the swatches without any eye primer, just on bare skin

We have one highlighting color, some nice light one for the eyelid (lightly pigmented) and a darker brown for the crease. I added the fuchsia color for my lower lash line, to make it pop out more. 

This time, I tested how well it lasted on my oily, hooded eyelids. Usually, Catrice eyeshadows do last me for about 6 hours before the darkest ones disappear in the crease. This one although did last me the whole day and I was really excited about it. 
I think that people who don't have oily and hooded eyelids shouldn't worry about shadows disappearing with the regular Catrice palettes, but this one, this one is special - because they outdid themselves with the formula in this palette. The colors are buttery and perfect for daily wear. 

My biggest wish is that Catrice would come out with an extremely pigmented collection that isn't made from baked shadows (because I had them from the same brand and they didn't last two hours on my eyelids - here's a review on them). 

Chokers are from Fluffy Muffin ;).

For my eyebrows, I used the Eyebrow pen in Brown from the same LE. More about it in another post, but, for now, let me just tell you... go easy with that one. It is extremely pigmented and waxy. It will not budge if you make a major mistake. So, go easy! 

Overall I am pleasantly surprised by this palette, but of course, my first thought was "not another nude palette!". But then again, nudes is all I am using lately.

Would I recommend it?
Yes, if you don't have any nude palettes or if you are looking for a small (quite) travel-friendly palette on the cheap.  

This product was sent to me by the company itself or its PR. For more information, please do read my Disclosure Policy. My opinion is always honest.
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