Visting the SMILE Concept Store in Ljubljana


On Monday I met with a bunch of fellow bloggers for the Johnny Organic event, and after the event we decided to visit the SMILE Concept Store in central Ljubljana.
We wanted to visit it before the event, but I think it was smarter to visit it after. Why? Because the SMILE concept store is a kind of store where you can get lost in all its beautiful objects that are on display and for sale.

If my funds were unlimited, I think I could buy everything. Seriously! Many, many creators have their objects on sale in this not so small store.

(we received two 5€ gift certificates for their store in our PR bags from the 1st Slovenian Beauty Bloggers Conference)

But first, let me show you the store (well part of it). I added this small gallery, so you can see for yourself just a bit of their store. The Sale Assistant was very kind (and she's fluent in English) and wasn't pushy at all, I appreciate that. She allowed us to take pictures. Usually, stores have a no pictures policy (I don't know why?), but here we could even move some objects around, for a better photo or two.

I didn't take the best photos of the store because I was too busy looking and photographing all the amazing items they have for sale. Want to see?
If you want to see bigger pictures, just click on the image you want to see full sized. 

What did I get? Well, the choice was really hard, but after some thinking and calculating I went for two items. One is a small lunch box which is perfect for my kid's snacks and the other is a small metal box in which I'm still not sure what I will store. But both are very cute and usable. 

When all the girls picked their products of choice we went to grab a coffee. Sadly in the coffee shop of choice they didn't have rice milk or any other plant based "milk", so I had to settle for some juice. :P
on the left: Sandra from Angel Beauty on the right: Kim from Failed Beautification

On the left: Monika from Sugarlove Blog and on the right: Ajda from Nyx's Beauty blog

Ladies thank you for your wonderful company and I hope we'll meet again for a coffee or two ;).


  1. This is so cute! I love every item that you've put on here! <3

    1. Aww, thanks! The store is SUPER cute and now I know where I'll go next time I'm in town, haha.

  2. Oooo... si si pa dala duška s fotkanjem v trgovini! :) Nice. <3

    1. Jaaaa, če se mvedela, da vsega ne morem odnesti s seboj.. samo slike :P :D

  3. Joj js se že vidim, kako bom naslednji teden premlevala kaj kupiti :D Sem pa tudi razmišljala o tej škatlci za hrano. Imam faks nekako smotano razporejeno in tu in tam ne bom imela časa iti na kosilo, tako da bi bilo pametno vzeti nekaj za s sabo. Drugače pa čudovite slikce. Smile trgovinca je meni ena izmed najlepših :) Mam eno njihovo skodelico, pa sem se že takrat med njimi odločala, katero bi izbrala. Sem domov šla skorajda kar z dvema :D

  4. Ooo, kaj si kupila? Si že kaj kupila? SLIKOOO :D
    In hvala za pohvale! Ej, izbira je bila ZELO težka. Na WLju imam vsaj še vazo z zlatimi pikicami, praktično jo sanjam :P.


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