FREEDOM is the name of a new Cosmetics line

Today I'm writing about a couple of products I got from The FREEDOM Makeup is a new line by the Makeup Revolution brand and because of that we can assume a couple of things. 

The first is that the quality should be at least decent and the second is that the products are extremely inexpensive. 

Is that true?
Read on

The first product I'll talk about is the (has a very long name) Eyeshadow palette. It's called the FREEDOM Pro Shade & Brighten Stunning Rose Kit, long, isn't it?

The palette is this cute, mini thing. The package is sturdy - travel-friendly, but I don't think it would survive more than one fall. It's still very obviously made of plastic and doesn't look too durable (as in being able to sustain hardcore abuse).  
The pans are very small, in fact so small that I need to use my smaller brushes to pick the shadows up. That's definitely a minus. But on the other side, the shadows are nice and buttery (the shimmery ones) and the matte ones have a nice color payoff but are not as buttery as the shimmers. 
I miss a dark eyeshadow in this palette (like a deep brown or maybe a black one?) because then it would be perfect. But now I'd totally ditch the highlighter (because I'm very picky when it comes to them) and add a dark shadow in it.  
The first shade doesn't really show up on my skin, but I don't mind it. Why? Because I use it as a base color for the whole eyelid. 
 Now the most important part - wearability. How long did it last on me? Well, I have oily eyelids. And I was using the Makeup Revolution eye primer and with it, the shadows wouldn't last even for a couple of hours. Then I switched the eye primer with the Avon one (I swear that's made of glue or what?!) and now the shadows stay on for a whole day and would totally stay on longer. So, you need a great eye primer underneath it - if you have oily lids, that's it.

This is my to-go makeup. Really neutral but looks amazing on green eyes!  
Oh, and the price? 3,95€ for 5,6g of the product.

The next product is a highlighter. It's called

FREEDOM Pro Highlight - Brighten 

Again, the package does its job. It's nothing too special, but it is sturdy. This little compact flew out of my hands, the second day I had it. I didn't even take pictures of it before! Luckily, it survived. Whew, what a relief!
You can see the imprinted name on the highlighter. And a lovely 3D wave pattern. I always loved such details in products.  
I feel like the upper layer of the highlighter is hard, because it's quite a hassle to pick enough product to show on the finger. Which is also funny since the shade itself is nice and buttery. 
It's probably a great thing altogether, it doesn't let you overdo your highlighter. Unless you want to look like a lamp? 
I like that it has a pink sheen to it. Looks great on pale girls and shows just about the right amount on the skin. But damn, it's hard to take a great swatch because of this!
The price? 4,95 € for 7,5g of the product.

The last is the blush that I've been using daily since I got it.
I'm talking about the

Professional Pro Blush 5 - Beyond

The blush comes in this not so pretty looking package. And it's not very sturdy either, but I can totally forget all of it, just because it's so pretty. 

The blush had an imprinted name (FREEDOM) on it, but I used it so much, that it's a thing of the past now. 
You see, since I first tried the Sleek Rose Gold blush, I wanted it. But their site doesn't work well and I never had the chance to buy it. Luckily, I was sent this beauty in the mail. It's quite similar to the Sleek blush, but it's less pink. 
I love using blushes with micro shimmer in them. Why? Because I don't have to use a highlighter with it, just to give myself some nice, healthy glow. It's a godsend for us, lazy people. 
  The blush is this warm coral tone with gold micro shimmer. It's more my color because I'm obsessed with anything that has gold micro shimmer in it. 
 It looks so natural on my skin. Well, I also like to overdo it, ok. Don't judge :P.
Ok, ok, it doesn't look that bad from far apart. :P I love it anyway. No-one looks at me from this close, haha. 
The price shocked me (I was checking it for a friend). Just 1,95€ for 3,2g of the product

For all my Slovenian readers, you can use my code FREEDOM15 for a 15% discount on all Freedom products in the store The code is valid until the end of October 2015.
Za vse moje bralke imam kodo, ki vam prinaša kar 15% popust na vse izdelke Freedom, do konca Oktobra 2015. Koda je: FREEDOM15

This product was sent to me by the company itself or its PR. For more information please do read my Disclosure Policy. My opinion is always honest.
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