Johnny Organic Event at Maximarket

Hey, everyone!

Yesterday I had the honor of being invited to the presentation of the new Johnny Organic line. As you may know, I did write about their Detox Mask here.

I am still using their mask (in fact, I'm on my second one, thanks to the lovely Jasna), which helps to soothe my skin after an acne breakout.

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I got to bring my +1, which was the always fun Monika from the Sugarlove Blog.
Photo from @SugarloveBlog

I met before the event with Aleksandra from Angel Beauty, and together we went to pick our lipstick of choice to the Golden Rose store (more about this in another post).

Then we got to the event way before we needed to. Well in front of the store. We chatted and met with other bloggers. *waves to them all*
I may have been loud and obnoxious because I learned that that's what I'm at events. (Now people will probably stop inviting me, haha)

The new line of products (6 new products that by the presentation seem to be pretty interesting)

Of course, we went to spy on check the event place before it opened (curious much), but nothing was really happening, at least until Tjaša got to the mini stage and started the presentation.

After the presentation, we got to try some chocolates from the "Lizin Vrt" and other healthy snacks from the NutrisSlim line. 

I missed the champagne (and I really wanted a glass of champagne instead of breakfast), which made me a bit of disappointed, but then again, I can buy myself a bottle if I want to :P. But I won't.

We got a small goodie bag which included a product of their choice (most of the beauty bloggers got a Body Scrub, other Media got a different goodie bag that included a product from the new line and a planner if I'm not mistaken). 
photo by @Sugarlove blog

Kim, Tanita - Tanita Weith Blog, Katja - Viva la Vida blog, Ajda
photo by @Sugarlove blog

We said or goodbyes and went to the Smile Concept store to use our gift cards for some objects that will help us take better pictures (more about the store in another post).

Coffee was inevitable because we needed some extra kicks to continue our day - I went with  Kim, Ajda, Monika and Aleksandra. Fun!

Thank you, Johnny Organic for the event and thank you all the lovely ladies that made my day even better

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