My experience at the L'Occitane store


You may have seen my super happy face on Instagram or facebook and were probably wondering, WTH is that about? Right? :P

Well, I was invited from L'Occitane's PR department, to experience a "Complete Care with the Pivoine Sublime line". I was curious, as I never got try a "complete care" at their store. 

I learned that anyone can get one of these "complete care" tryouts if they ask nicely at the store. It's mostly to test a new line, which I think is awesome (because people need to know how does a product act on their skin before buying it).

My store of choice was in my hometown - Koper where the girls were amazingly nice. One was tending the store, while the other took her time to explain everything (you can read the Slovenian post about the products, here). 

I asked many questions, and all were answered. If I had a question about a product or an ingredient, they knew how to answer it. And they knew how to answer it nicely. I can't stress enough how nice they were!

Funny little anecdote; the moment I walked in the L'Occitane's store, I got thirsty. Like mad thirsty and I don't know if it was written on my face or what, but the ladies offered me water. I must have drunk 0.5L of it while chatting with them. Whoops. *blushes*

 (I have combination skin, which is currently acting up - so combination + problematic + under 35 years, skin) 
Steps of my Complete Care from L'Occitane:
First; my skin was cleaned with the cleaning foam Immortelle (blue bottle),
Second; it was toned with the Poeny Perfecting Mist,
Third; she gently patted a small amount of the Immortelle Precious eye balm around my eyes (it felt very relaxing!),
Fourth; She applied a bit of the Poeny Perfecting Essence,
Fifth; She also added a bit of the Poeny CC cream on my T-zone, to even out my tone; 
Sixth; To finish it out, she added a bit of BB cream all over my face in a patting motion + a tad of blush.
And to make everything complete, she applied the new Poeny Tinted lip balm in Rose Plum (it's matte!!). 

I loved every step of it because the application was more like a massage and I think I must have dozed off a couple of times.  I thought that I'd look very shiny at the end (because of all the creams, I guess?), but I looked matte - not a bad way of matte, but a natural way of matte
And the most important thing - my normally very visible acne were covered. And in only two steps (CC + BB cream), I am impressed - it usually takes me about 3-4 steps to cover them normally. 

I got out of their store feeling happy and excited. I got a bunch of testers, a new CC cream and the travel set of the new line (stay tuned for the reviews!).

Of course, I was smelling divine - without feeling sick from the many scents (like it happens with all of the perfumes on me - I start feeling sick if there's too much perfume on me). 

I am forever grateful for this experience.


  1. Sliši se super. Jaz sem se tudi naročila in upam, da bom imela prav tako odlično izkušnjo kot ti:). Sicer pa meni vse paše, že samo to, da se me nekdo drugi dotika po obrazu, hehe:).

    1. Hehee, to imaš čisto prav. Meni so masaže in raznorazne nege obraza super. Predvsem pa pomaga odnos "negovalk". Ta je bila fantastična in kapo dol. Upam, da boš tudi ti imela lepo izkušnjo.

  2. Res si imela super, super izkušnjo! :)) Res fajn, da dajo možnost, da lahko poskusiš njihove izdelke, sploh ker so drugače dragi in jih ni smiselno kupit 'na pamet'. Všeč mi je tudi, da so uporabili celo izdelke iz njihove druge linije (Immortelle), tako da res lahko sprobaš še kaj drugega od njih in ne samo najnovejšo linijo. Joj, pa ti balzami za ustnice mi izgledajo tako fajn, ampak so tako dragi. :( Jaz pa grem naslednji petek in si res želim, da bom imela tako odlično izkušnjo kot ti. Pa nujno moram povohat ta parfumček, ker sem prebrala, da vam je kar dostim všeč..ampak če mi bo všeč, bo malce denarnica trpela, hehe. :D

    1. Ja, moja izkušnja je bila SUPER! In sem prav zadovoljna, da so mi dali priložnost, da preizkusim tudi kakšno drugo linijo.
      Upam, da boš tudi ti imela krasno izkušnjo. Si jo prav vsaka zasluži. ^^

  3. Jaz sem se naročila za naslednji petek in že komaj čakam! ;) Upam da bodo v LJ tudi v redu negovalke.

    1. Menda so v centru LJ super negovalke - v City Parku - not so much :(. Vsaj po izkušnjah drugih punc. Škoda, no.

  4. Joj jst komaj čakam da grem in upam, da bodo punce v celju super..v Kopru pa vem,da so ful carice, ker sem kar nekaj let živela na obali..čist nikoli te nikjer srečala:):):) in so vedno tako prijazne:)

    1. Ej, jaz se tudi nisem nikoli videla :D. je pa ful zanimivo, ne? :P V končni fazi je obala ful majhna.. hehe. Upam, da se boš imela super v Celju na negi :D.

  5. Zdaj še bolj komaj čakam, da tudi jaz grem naslednji teden :)

    1. Sanja, kdaj imaš? :D Kam greš? :D Boš uživaaaala. Na maks!


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