Review: Everyday Minerals Base in 0N (Matte)


I remember a long, long time ago I had this wonderful mineral foundation. It must have been about 4 years ago, I guess. It's been a really long time, but I did remember the brand who made it - Everyday Minerals. Then I checked my blog - that's a useful feature when your blog is so old (6 years!). And there it was, a post about a bunch of EDM samples

I checked my post and saw that some of these shades were a good match. But to play it on the safe side, I decided to buy a Fair 0N (previously Fair Neutral) in a matte base. 

I liked the deal they had on their site (if you have something in your basket and you are logged in, you get a coupon code with % off in a couple of days), but sadly I couldn't order from them. I emailed them if they do ship to Slovenia and no, they do not. They did, however, they said that many packages got lost and that's the reason they don't do that anymore. *sad panda*

I had to buy from a retailer (, who has it somewhat fairly priced - 15€. 

I later had to buy a kabuki, because I didn't have it (??). I purchased one from Catrice and it works nicely with this kind of a foundation. 

So, my skin is fairly problematic now (hoping to fix it soon!), and I do realize that this foundation isn't the best kind for very problematic skin on its own, but I do like to pair it with a liquid foundation to get that amazing porcelain skin look. 

This type of foundation is build-able, but not very. You can go from light coverage to medium, but that's it. I do however like that it helps with the shine - especially during hot days. It does cover red spots quite well. 

I ultimately hope that I will have nice skin, so I'll be able to use just this foundation over my sunscreen. 

+ Lots of powder in one package (4.8g)
+ Matte finish
+ helps with the shine during hot days (so I don't look all that oily)
+ I use it as a base before liquid foundation and it works wonderfully
+ doesn't accentuate dry patches
+ evens out the skin tone

- I wish it had more coverage

I am really happy that I am back to using mineral foundations. I like how it doesn't accentuate dry patches and it does help with oily parts of my face (T-zone). I think that full-size packages are a good deal (when it comes to price), compared to samples (which are incredibly hard to use, since they come in a baggy kind of thing). I wait the day my skin gets better and this foundation will be the one I'll stick to. I totally recommend mineral foundations to everyone. 

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