Review: Essence Lip Candies Beautifying Lip Care [Cotton Candy 06]

Hey gals!

I may have already told you, that I am not a fan of lip glosses. But I did become quite attached to the Catrice Voluminizing lip booster. I liked the hydration it offered and the tingling sensation on my lips (menthol). I used that one up and decided to try the lip candies from its sister brand - Essence.

These lip candies look very intriguing - cute packaging and fun names.
I was sure they are lip glosses, but Essence says no, they are a lip care product which pampers your lips. So basically it's a gloss that hydrates your lips

candy colours! this gloss pampers the lips with valuable aloe vera so that they feel wonderfully soft and supple. beautiful pastel shades offer a subtle touch of colour and a shiny finish. colour and care… with essence!

Lip candies come in 7 different colors and each of them looks lovely. I picked the shade called 06 Cotton Cady, because it looked the most neutral. 

The scent is lovely - very gentle, but artificial. For me it's not overpowering and it reminds me of cotton candy. I can't put my finger down on what exactly this scent is, but it is very gentle and you can't smell it on your lips (unless you, you know, pout).

I really like the packaging. It's sturdy and looks damn cute. Maybe it's not cute as in "classy cute" - for grown ups cute, but it surely makes the child in me extremely happy. And my real child. He wants to have this gloss so badly and he comes and uses it all the time. =P

I can't really talk about the longevity of this gloss, because I like to eat and drink - a lot. Especially when I am in front of my pc, which is the only place I use this gloss. 
I think on me it lasts about 1-2 hours. 

Now, let's talk about the main problem with glosses - the stickiness. This one is sticky, but more like creamy - sticky, if you know what I mean? It's creamy and it's a tad sticky, hence it's a gloss. 
It doesn't make me irrationally mad about the stickiness, so it's alright. 

The only thing I don't like is the wand. It's hard and it doesn't pick the gloss nicely. Usually the wand gets soaked in gloss after a use or two, but this one doesn't! The gloss kind of lingers at the tip of the wand and that's it. That makes the application a tad problematic - if you like to use lots of gloss.  I wish they'd made a softer wand. You know, like the amazing one from the Voluminizing gloss from Catrice!

+ Sturdy & cute packaging
+ cheap (2€)
+ delicious scent!
+ semi-sticky 
+ creamy and hydrating
- the wand: it's too hard and hardly picks the gloss

I like when companies come out with cute products, and I like it even better when these cute products are good. This hydrating (gloss) lip care product does its job at moisturizing my lips well, but I wish the wand would be softer and more absorbing. So I could apply way too much gloss on. 
I don't care about pigmentation, but this one gives some light pink (unflattering) pigmentation, when used a tad too much of it. I don't mind it, since I use it only at home, but outside - that may be a problem. Overall I am pleased. It's a product worth trying, maybe in some darker tones. 

Have you tried this Lip Care product? Your thoughts? 

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