Review + Swatches: Catrice Absolute ROSE palette


I may or not be, a couple of months late with this review. But honestly, it's been only now that I found this beauty in the stores. I guess they carry it only in bigger Mullers?

It is Catrice Absolute Rose eyeshadow palette

010 Frankie Rose To Hollywood;LA VIE EN ROSE
Soft nudes and trendy rosé shades – sometimes matt and sometimes shimmering – create a beautiful natural look no matter whether they are used solo or as a team. The supple texture convinces with a high colour-dispersion and thanks to the integrated brush, this set is also a practical travel companion.

The package looks sturdy, but I wouldn't count on it surviving many many trips.

The colors look very nice in the palette; great for everyday looks. The only thing I miss is a matte dark eyeshadow. I like that there's so many of colors to chose from (well, nudes), but the lack of another dark color bothers me. 

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Shade 1: A matte highlight kind of color - very light pink
Shade 2: Pink nude, semi matte
Shade 3: Shimmery nude, a bit more brown that shade 4
Shade 4: Another shimmery nude, a bit paler than Shade 3. Looks very nicely as a highlighter.
Shade 5: A matte mauvy taupe
Shade 6: Shimmery dark red/brown with red micro glitter

The swatches have been made without any base underneath - so no primer.

I was looking forward using the Shade 6 - because it reminds me of Fyrianne Mephisto (on the skin, foiled). It was one of my favorite colors. And well, it does look great! 

I must say that these shadows work very well for daily makeups. I will try foiling them, because on me they look mostly the same - I mean as in finished daily look. I like each shadow on its own, but my favorite must be the Shadow 6. It's beautiful!

Here's a make up made with them.
Shade 2 all over the lid, Shade 4 in the crease and blended and Shade 6 in the outer V line  and blended. Over a primer. 

It doesn't look like much, but it does look great as a daily make up! Easy to use, quick to go!

I would like to address the fallout problem; for me it's not very problematic, I just blow it off. But for some it may be troublesome. The fallout isn't noticeable on the lids, only in the palette itself. The shadows are quite dusty.  

Longevity: As it gets warmer, my oily lids get oilier. Even if I use my primers + cream eyeshadow over it. But with this palette my make up looked intact after a whole day, except for the troublesome crease - that was oily, but the make up around it was still perfect. Kind of weird, because usually my whole make up goes to sh*t. So props for that! 

I wasn't expecting much, from it being an inexpensive drugstore palette, but at the same time I knew I wouldn't be disappointed, because Catrice makes some damn awesome eyeshadows.

+ fairly inexpensive
+ 6 eyeshadows in a palette
+ travel sized
+ looks cute
+ the shadows are nice
+ long lasting shadows (over a primer)

- the shadows get a bit dusty while applying them
- may not be for everyone
- I can see the cover cracking fairly soon (during travels)

In the end I am very pleased with it. I however hope they will come out with a version with an added dark shadow. I want to have all the pretty shadows on the go! The shadows are nice and soft, but get a bit dusty during application. The color payoff is fine for the darker shadows, but the middle two don't show up well on my skin (I must be too light, haha). In the end, it's a nice palette, great for those with green & blue eyes (because of the pink toned colors). 

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