How much is my face worth?


Do you remember the TAG how much is your face worth? 
I wanted to re-do it, but this time with only my skincare products. My routine has been updated, so I thought you would be curious about it. 

Here they are, my current face products. Night and day. 
I don't remember many of the prices, but I do know the approximate price. So I will round it up

I sincerely apologize for the picture, the weather hasn't been working with me and the light was bad. 

Day routine products
SunDance Sunscreen - tinted = 4€
Muller Jojoba oil - big bottle = 15€
Garnier Micellar Cleansing water = 6€
Balea Aqua cream = 3€

Balea Enzym peeling = 2€
O.S.T. Vitamin C serum = 15€
Akamuti chocolate marshmallows mask = 10€ [not pictured]

Night routine products
Mirati Night cream = 18€

So far everything comes down to 73€. I thought it would be worse. YAY! So it's not too bad, right? ;)

How much is YOUR face worth? Tell me in the comments. 

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