How much is my face worth?


Do you remember the TAG how much is your face worth? 
I wanted to re-do it, but this time with only my skincare products. My routine has been updated, so I thought you would be curious about it. 

Here they are, my current face products. Night and day. 
I don't remember many of the prices, but I do know the approximate price. So I will round it up

I sincerely apologize for the picture, the weather hasn't been working with me and the light was bad. 

Day routine products
SunDance Sunscreen - tinted = 4€
Muller Jojoba oil - big bottle = 15€
Garnier Micellar Cleansing water = 6€
Balea Aqua cream = 3€

Balea Enzym peeling = 2€
O.S.T. Vitamin C serum = 15€
Akamuti chocolate marshmallows mask = 10€ [not pictured]

Night routine products
Mirati Night cream = 18€

So far everything comes down to 73€. I thought it would be worse. YAY! So it's not too bad, right? ;)

How much is YOUR face worth? Tell me in the comments. 


  1. Jaz raje sploh ne grme računat, ker nimam dražjih izdelkov, bi izpadla kot da ne skrbim za svojo kožo :D

    1. Ma kje, tudi s poceni izdelki se lahko čisto lepo skrbi za svojo kožo! :)

  2. zanimiv tag ! tud jaz uporabljam kar poceni nego za obraz :) mogoče se mi kdaj zdi, da bi mogla investirat v kakšen dober serum al pa kremo za obraz (razen LRP) :)
    tud jaz nočem izpast "cheap" glede nege za obraz haha :D ampak mislim, da nas je večina punc vajenih pocen izdelkov :P

    1. Simona poceni =/= dobra ;). Serumi so super, recimo meni Vitamin C ful pomaga pri PIH (morem še spisati objavo kako zelo dobro mi je naredil).
      Pa ni nujno da so dragi - recimo Hofer bo spet imel en prehvaljen hialuronski serum. TOP! v


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