NOTD: Fuse gelnamel Polar Bare


Today I wanted to share with you my new find. I was browsing through Muller one day, when I saw they have a new line of gellish polishes. And it wasn't steep priced like the others (18€+ for a bottle, usually), but it came at the nice price of 9,90€! Let me show you the Sensationail Fuse Gelnamel

That's like so much cheaper, and just 3€ more than my usual gel polishes from Depend (for 7ml), and twice the volume! 

I liked the package. Gives a funky - fancy vibe. 

The instructions are simple. 
Prepare your nails and cleanse them. No need for a base gel polish nor for a top gel polish. 
Just apply the Fuse gelnamel thinly on the nail and cure under LED lamp for 30 seconds. Repeat 2x or 3x. 
Remove the sticky residue with the cleanser. 

You know, I loved the look of it..   so sheer and sparkly

I did like the sheer version, but I did wish it was more opaque or less opaque (so it would be a clear gel polish with glitter, or you know.. pink with glitter, not the midi thing I thought I had). :D 

Except I was WRONG. I am not sure if I missed that part of the instructions, but you need to *SHAKE* the gel before use. Because it should look fully opaque with micro glitter...    Like the photo above. 

So now I know..  and so do you ;).

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