Tag: How Much Is Your Face Worth?

Hi beauties, 

I still have to do one tag from a dear friend of mine (sorry Charlotte Sparkle that it's taking me so long!), but before that, I wanted to share this super fun tag I found on .Sparkle*'s blog 

The rules are simple.
In this tag, you show everyone what makeup you use every day along with the prices of the makeup. Then you add everything up and you have the total which is how much your face is worth!

Easy, right? 

So let's see.


Dr. Scheller Pomegranate Toner ---> 7€ (I got it for 3,5€)
California Jojoba Oil ---> 6€
Balea Aqua Serum ---> 3€
Balea Aqua Roll on ---> 3€
Sophyto Omega Daily Moisturizer ----> 30€ (got it for free tho - review)


SkinFood Agave Cactus BB Cream ---> 15€
Dr. Dima's Cosminology ---> 20€ (got it for free - review)
Essence Setting Powder ---> 3€
Essence Eyeshadow in Mystic Lemon (for highlight) ---> 2€


MAC Mineralize Skinfinish ---> 20€ (got it for free - gift)
Eyeko Make Out Blush ---> 7€


Urban Decay Primer Potion ---> 23€
Urban Decay NAKED Palette ---> 35€ (got it for free - gift)
Kiko 30 Days mascara ---> 7€ (got it for 3,90€)
Anastacia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Powder Duo ---> 20€


I switch between the three:
Natural House Aloe Stick ---> 3€ 
Alverde Calendula Balsam ---> 2€
Terra Naturi Balsam ---> 2€


= 89.40€ / $129 / £79 (not counting the free stuff and counting the discounts)
or = 203€ / £178 /$292 counting everything
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