Catrice 360 lipstick - MaTTraction


I really wanted to show you my next in line favorite lipstick (first one is this).
It is called  MATTraction by Catrice, and since I am all about matte lipstick, this is where I dance. 

Also, it is completely Mateja's fault I got it. I picked it up at the Cosnova 2014 Event, because she was wearing it (and this girl was rocking it, daaaamn!).

This lipstick is of a red color, with a pink undertone. Makes sense? No, but it looks great!

On lips, because.. Lipswatch, that's why. 

I created a little make up just for this lipstick. Very neutral, but it goes well with it. 

Oh, hello there!

Oh, I should smile?!
Like this? *awkward smile*

Anyway, the lipstick is absolutely fantastic! I love that they did fix the formula a bit and now it feels nicer on the lips (not so drying out, without actually drying out your lips).

Have a great day! Lip-tastic day ;).

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