New in: November 2014


A little late, but here is the November new in post. I totally skipped the October one, because honestly, I have no idea what I got..  <.<

6 mini gelish polishes from Ebay
I got them because I am sick an tired of buying the depend ones. They don't have many colors and I wanted to try something new. Also cheaper. I got 6 mini (7ml) gelish polishes for 12€ (free shipping) on Ebay. They cure under LED lights in 30 seconds. 

Aveo Nail polishe remover with acetone
I use it for gelish removal, for acrylics removal and sometimes for cleanups. Works great and is very cheap in Muller. Less than 1€!

Essence Good girl, bad girl nail polish with leather effect - Caught in the middle
I got it because I saw a swatch that I loved. Looks like asphalt with crystals in it. gorgeous! It is textured. 

Catrice Scented powder - ViennArt LE
I liked it in the Cosnova presentation (from the Event), and decided to get it then. 
It is actually a highlighter that has a slight scent. I will probably reuse the bottle once it is finished (lol, like.. in XY years?).

Essence long lasting eye pencil in black
I got it because I gave my Bourjois kohl to my MIL. Will test this one and if it is better, she gets a new one (new, not used, lol). 

Catrice mini compact mirror from ViennArt TE
A lovely mirror to take with me whenever I go. 

Order of sample oil perfumes from Ten Three Labs
I ordered three samples and she gave me one for free. Also freebies (candy, flower seeds and a weird fish thing?). I love two of the scents, one went to MIL another will go to.. IDK, whoever loves licorice. If you do, drop me a message!

Balea Enzym peeling/Mask
I was using an enzyme peeling and mask for a very long time, several years ago. It was expensive and I liked it. So when I found this thing in DM (testers/minis area), I had to get it! 
2€/30ml which is a steal. I love it so far because it si very gentle. 

Balea Aqua day cream
I needed a light cream, to use whenever I will not be using my sunscreen. <.<
I have been using it for a long time, and I liked it. So can't go wrong with something I have already been using before, right? 

P2 nail polish and Highlighter from Moja Drogerija
I got those for review purposes and I wrote about them in the last few days. Click on the names to go to the links.

What a pretty picture, right? I utilised a box from my child's toys. :D Looks fancy ;P

Catrice Lala Berlin lipstick in Ruby Red & Rude Red 
I love red lipsticks. Especially if they are matte. And I like Catrice matte lipsticks, so the purchase was a logical decision. Can't wait to show you swatches! 

Catrice Lala Berlin nail polish in Ruby Red
Great formula (a bit jelly-like) and great drying time.
Shitty brush, but that's a post for another time. 

Essence Come to town LE - Cream blush + lipstick in Is that you, Santa? 
I didn't have the intention of buying anything from the Come to Town TE, but our Slovenian Beauty Bloggers kept saying how great this cream blush & lipsticks are. So.. here I am. Owning them both.
Both beautifully red. I am also obsessed with Essence cream blushes. They are great, not great, freaking awesome! 

This was a pretty impressive monthly haul, right? 

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