Review: Alverde wildrose oil

Hi, all!

Today I have a short review for you all. :)
It is a product I picked up just because I had the chance to try it at home first (hello sister's stash, ahem). 

It is the Alverde wild rose oil. It has a scent, and quite a powerful one. If you have never had the pleasure of smelling rose oil, well this one smells exactly like that. Pleasant, but at first it may be a bit overpowering. 

I like that it comes at an affordable price and is available in every DM (DrogerieMarkt). It is priced at ~3€. YES, THREE EUROS!

Does it deliver?
Hell yes! I use it every night before going to sleep and sometimes ever during the day (if I won't be using makeup in an hour or two, because well. it is an oil and my MU is water based).

It helped regenerate my dehydrated skin and even when my skin got back to normal I loved it. Very hydrating and my skin looks healthier whenever I use it. It is great for those dry patches on the skin. 

I was using oils before (jojoba oil), so this one wasn't too different from my regular jojoba oil. Except it was a bit more rose-oriented. I love it nonetheless!

The packaging is travel-friendly. I used two of these babies up for two months and now I keep my regular jojoba oil in the packaging. I love the pipette and how easy it is to control the amount needed.

It is simple; when my skin is happy - I am happy. And this little organic gem surely does help with that.

+ Whenever I use it I feel like I am using a luxury item
+ Makes my skin look healthier
+ Is super cheap at ~3€!
+ has a pipette dispenser - hygienic dosage
+ looks damn cute!
+ Oh, did I mention travel-friendly?
+ helps with dry skin patches
+ my combination skin loves it
+ It is an ORGANIC oil

- I can't think of any. Maybe if you aren't a rose scent fan, you have to get over the scent. It is a bit strong.

I was impressed with this little product and can't wait to use it again in the colder months. It really made my skin looking healthier (I had a glow, and an oily one ain't one!) and I smelled divine.
It also sinks into the skin pretty quickly (about 10 min wait time) and if you don't overdo it, there is no oil left on the skin. Of course, if you have it as an overnight thing, don't worry about it.
I love love love it! Also a bonus - it works great on cuticles too!

This is definitely one of the products I will keep repurchasing. My only wish is that they would start selling them in bigger packages. You know, like double the product you get now for such enthusiasts about it, like me ;).


  1. Sem že večkrat prijela ta izdelek v trgovini, pa ga nikoli nisem kupila. Zdi se mi zanimivo predvsem ker je tako poceni. Zadnje čase mene tudi napada suha koža na določenih delih obraza, tako da se sliši super. Super ocena:).

  2. Cenovno je zagotovo zelo dostopen produkt, mogoče ga kdaj dodam v košarico (ampak vsak kakšen mesec ali dva ne, ker imam ogromno zadev še za porabiti). In rožnat vonj obožujem, tako da bi znalo biti tole olje super, če mi ne bi razdražilo kože...

  3. Po tej oceni tudi jaz razmišljam, da bi si privoščila tole olje, takoj ko mi zmanjka arganovega.. upam da mi bo vonj všeč, načeloma pa imam rada Alverde zadeve :)

  4. @Adjusting Beauty: uu, splača se ga vzeti. In res je zelo poceni! Ampak se ga tudi precej hitro porabi z dnevno uporabo (jaz se rada "mariniram" v olju, haha). Hvala za komentar :)!

  5. @Ajdas blog: Držim pesti, da ti ne bo razdražilo kože. Predlagam patch test za ušesom in na pregibnem delu komolca, da vidiš če bi ti naredilo kaj hujšega na koži?

  6. @UniqaPoly: Super, sedaj bo čisti naval v DMju :P Ne bom več prišla do oljčka.. hihihi. Hecam se ;). Res je dober oljček in zelo cenovno dostopen. Alverde zadeve so meni zelo všeč, edino eni šamponi so mi meh.

  7. Se kar strinjam s tabo! Olje sem kupila povsem na blef, ker sem imela nek kupon za popust, potem pa se je izkazalo, da se na moji koži super obnaša. :) Meni se drugače res hitro vpije - v manj kot 5 minutah.

    Sicer pa hvala za namig (obnohtna kožica), bom poskusila tudi to! :)


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