Catrice lip polish Mission PINKpossible


I am in the middle of changing the design/feel of the blog, so for today I have a quick post. It is about the wonderful Catrice Mission PinkPossible.

For some odd reason, I completely forgot to take pictures of the product itself. Whoops! So here's the official picture from

It is a lovely creamy lipstick that stains the lips after a while. It is very long lasting on me, which is quite rare as I tend to drink water all the time!

The application is flawless in one go (but excuse the messy application on the photos!).

I absolutely love it! 

Here's how it looks integrated in a make up look.

Do you have any of the Lip polishes?


  1. Kok ti lepo paše :) Meni je ravno ta odtenek najbolj všeč ampak je barva tok intenzivna, da ne vem če bi jo sploh lahko nosila, ker večinoma prisegam na bolj umirjene odtenke :/

  2. @D.Ralok: Hvala! Mi je zelo všeč, ker se da tudi bolj omiliti izgled na ustnicah (se bolj malo nanese in na hitro razmaže). Jaz si pravim, da če že nosim šminko, naj se ve :P. Sucer prisegam na balzame za ustnice.


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