New in: July 2014

Hello, my dear friends :)!

I didn't buy much this month since I am not officially on a no-buy diet. Seriously, I have a bunch of stuff and honestly, money is a tight now (as you could see on my raising funds post - here, we are still in need of donations).
 I will do a project 10 pan instead, it should be fun! Re-discovering my 'old' items, yay!

But okay, let's jump to what I did get this month.

Essence Glitter Jewels in Party in a bottle
I saw this nail polish on another blog and fell in love with it instantly. Of course in the store, it surely didn't look all that pretty. That's why it took quite some time before I actually got it. It is gorgeous!

A lovely nail polish, about which I wrote a comparison here. I love wearing it alone and can't wait to do some nail art with it. Looks like a fun color to play with. 

Balea Sensitive Deo Creme 
I was looking for a deodorant that isn't perfumed and doesn't have any alcohol in it. My skin is very sensitive as it seems (underarms?!), and because of these two ingredients, I get painful cystic acne. I didn't want to get a crystal stick (because it doesn't work all that well on me), and I tried the Garnier cream deodorant and loved the texture. Let's see how it will work out for me. 

Born pretty store stamping plate QA88
A product I received for review purposes, you can read more about it here. 
It works well and has a lovely design.

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