Review: I heart chocolate palette


I received this product from the lovely people over at Lič
It is a neutral palette from I heart makeup (aka Makeup revolution), named I heart chocolate. 
Which is exact. I do love chocolate ;)!

The palette comes in a box, which I already threw away. I wanted to play with the colors quickly. But the packaging did look nice and it had the ingredients listed on. 


It looks like a melting chocolate bar. So pretty! It is also very sturdy and on the heavier side (because of the mirror, I suppose. It has a mirror inside which comes handy if you need to do your makeup on the go. 

So many colors! 16 to be exact. With one nude (for me, super pale girl) and a highlight (which I did use for my face). 
I don't think I've seen so many neutral colors in one palette. There are plenty to choose from; from matte and shimmery to glittery eyeshadows

The swatches were made without any base underneath.

I created a makeup using a couple of the eyeshadows (More!, Love Divine, Pleasure girl, What a way to go and Chocolate Love). The application was flawless and except for the "What a way to go" there was no fallout. 

Here is the mega swatch collage. Click to view a bigger picture, because this one is huge!

+ Gorgeous packaging
+ These are very pigmented!
+ Long lasting (on my oily lids)
+ Cheap palette (about 11€ for 16 shadows, making it 0.68€ for one)
+ Sturdy packaging

- There was some fallout with one eyeshadow
- Funky scent (I later realized it smells like powdered chocolate!!)
- Makes me crave chocolate :P


I was surprised when I received this packaging and I wasn't sure by whom it was (brand, not who sent it). It took me to check Lič's page to see that is is by Makeup Revolution. Actually, it is a sister brand by MURevolution named I heart makeup. Interesting.
The product is wonderful, lovely package, cheap, works well and is super pigmented. And luckily these eyeshadows don't just slip off my oily eyelids (I have this problem in the Summertime). 
I am very impressed with it and I see it as my staple product.
I do recommend it!

This product was sent to me by the company itself or its PR. For more information please do read my Disclosure Policy. My opinion is always honest.


  1. Tale je tudi moja in mi je tooook všeč! :)) Če bi še dišala po čokoladi, bi pa čisto zmagalo. :D

  2. @Mateja Mateja: Ej, meni se mi pa čisto resno zdi da daje po čokoladi v prahu. o.O Sej mogoče je to le whisful thinking, ampak groza :D


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