Navy line for the lazy day


Sometimes when I am feeling lazy and do not have the time (or do not want to) to experiment with eyeshadows, I use just a bit of bronzer and some liquid eyeliner.

This time I used a gel eyeliner (actually it's a cream eyeshadow) by Kiko.  It is called Colour Shock Long lasting cream eyeshadow in Rhitmic blue. I paired it with Essence Stay matt lip cream in Smooth berry (discontinued)

I like the lip cream, but it stays shorter on than the one I got from a TE.

Do you have a 'lazy' trick on your own?


  1. Ful lepo. Meni je taka modra barva res krasna. <3

  2. Lep makeup :)) odtenek šminke mi je ful ušeč :))


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