Oldie goldie: S-he 435

Hey darlings!

I was looking at my red nail polish selection and remembered that this polish is a beauty that goes well with jeans. I don't know why I remembered that, but I went with it anyway. It is three years old, so an oldie goldie. 

It is a lovely red color with a strong pink undertone, I also blogged about it here some time ago.

I used two layers and I am happy to say that time didn't change the formula (thicken) even a tiny bit. 
I like it, because it dries pretty fast and thus leaving me time for other stuff. 

When I saw my sister's manicure (the classic bold red), I got jelous and didn't like my manicure anymore. Tho, lets be serious, shall we? It is reaking gorgeous :P.

It photographs extremly well, it is a damn photogenic nail polish, it's rare.

After two days the tips on my dominant hand got used up, but other than that it was fine. The third day I got some chipping on my middle finger, but I was lazy so I just repplied the polish and now I'm good to go. 

Do you still have any old nail polish that you love?

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