Instaweek January 26th

Hi dolls!

It's been a while since I posted an instaweek post. It's because I feel they are more of a 'filler' post than anything else. What do you think?

These are the pictures of the last month :)

From left up to right bottom:

  • The gift my love got me. Unexpected to be honest and pretty spot-on!
  • My practice for the Valentine's day manicure. First try. :)
  • Birthday girls! And the picture of 'our' cake. Sacher cake from McDonalds ;). It was good.
  • Face mask. I got a bunch of samples, and one of those was a face clay mask. It did so well! 
  • Little kid eating a piece of Bubly Milka chocolate. He said it was good! 
  • Manicure with some dandelion and peackock feather stamped on. 
  • Gray manicure. What a lovely color it is :)
  • An eyeshadow I got for review purposes. It is neon orange
  • Picture of the park... 
  • Pink sweater manicure, damn I loved it so much! 
  • Plain pink manicure, using the pink polish from the Essence Ice ice baby TE. It is VERY sheer.
  • Updated red manicure. So much fun!!
  • Little kid enjoying the puddles, splashing around. Oh the joy!
  • Kid playing in the park, he had a blast :)
  • Red manicure, with just one stud on the ring finger. It was very classy. Badass classy.
  • My kid's monkey. He got it for Xmas :). It is handmade and has his name on its hand. So damn cute!
  • Dog on a leash on the green grass. In the middle of Winter, of course. 
  • At the park, so much mud. So much MUD!
  • Kid 'walking' the dog. Haha, he was so angry that I was holding the dog. No way I am letting him walk the dog with a flexi leash!! 
  • Carrying the little one in my Boba 3g. Also grumpy because didn't sleep.. 

How was your week? Please let me know in the comments. :)

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