Essence Power girl - Superheroes TE

Hi hi!

I was really lucky to find this oil slick like polish in a DM I visited for the first time. I was actually quite shocked to find it, because you know, people want it. Usually such polishes (duochrome!) are quite expensive, so there's that.

The price was as per usual about 2,70€. 

Okay now ..  the polish is divine. Even in bad light you can see it shifting color from metallic blue to metallic purple. It is mesmerizing.

It dries quite quickly compared to the other Essence polishes and it opaque in one layer. I used two thin layers, so it was dry quickly. Also the formula is nice and smooth. But you have to keep in mind that it ends with a frost finish, so be careful with the brush strokes.

I decided to pimp mine up, to get a bit more in the festive season feeling. 

Which polish from the Superheroes TE is your favorite?

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