When you start your day in a bad mood

... then make up helps!

I was feeling blue one morning and had an overall "bleh" feeling when my friend suggested that I should do my make up. 
Hmm.. okay, why not?

Well I fixed my hair (with some shampoo in a spray haha), did a bit of my countoring, and the rest of the face. I used some old essence eyeshadows (which are great, but it is time to say goodbye to them since 2 years have already passed :/ - mono eyeshadows from a TE).

The result was fine, yes! I felt so much better and looked damn good (IMHO). 
So it really helped, so.. if you're feeling blue and don't know what to do with yourself, do your make up. It will give you a feeling of purpose and make you feel so much better about yourself.

Have fun!

This was also the first time that my eyebrows (well one, haha) looked good! So it was worth it.


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