Mom diary: 15 months old - my little angel

Hi everyone!

The last month went by as a breeze, I could hardly understand that's it is gone. 
My kid has been super nice and I'm not being sarcastic about it. 

Showing us how strong he is ;)

So I'll be really short about this month, because..  next month is the month when changes happen :D. 

I bough this lovely Hipp soap dispenser that is shaped like a duck. And because of it my toddler learned how to say GA GA GA. That's the sound a duck does. So whenever he goes by the bathroom he goes like "Ga ga ga!!" and is pointing at the door. If I open the door he goes again (I won't repeat it) and points at the duck soap dispenser!
Did I mention that now he loves washing hands (not that he despised it before, but was uninterested in it)?

 The two things I'm enjoying this month the most are his nodding and his shaking head. For a yes he nods and for a no he shakes it head. It is super cute and it made my life SO MUCH EASIER! Finally we can successfully communicate. I also asked him if he loves mommy and he took a moment to think about it and then nodded frantically. My heart melted.

Playing with Martina's phone, ooohh so interesting - what does this button do?

He also claps his hands (even if I ask him to do so), and dances on demand. Mwahahaa my little mignon! He'll do whatever I say, hwahaha..!! But who am I kidding, this kid has me turned around his will in a second. No escaping here. 

Grandma taught him how to answer the phone; "Hello?"

He is still learning how to blow a kiss properly, for now he just kisses his hand and keeps the hand on his mouth. Still learning.. :D

But the two last week the terrible teething came back. I mean he is in pain, does't really like anything at that time is super annoying and god knows what else. He had a high body temp for 2 days and then it was all good and all gone. No teeth out, but alright. 

Having a blast in the Autumn leaves with Martina

As I was saying, this month has passed so quickly it's unbelievable! My kid was super sweet and nice and I am getting diabetes while I am writing this, because of all the "sugar overload" in these words...

Oh boy, if all months were like this! Motherhood would be the easiest and nicest job on the whole planet!

Size comparison to the dog. :D 

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