Instaweek: November 13th- 24th

Hey, hey!

Another week, another instagram. This time filled with pictures since I was too late to post last week. 

For a large image, click on the picture.

From upper left to right:

  1. I dyed my hair! I wanted to go dark brown with some strong red hues, but it came out pretty much vivid red. :D I still love it, but had to ditch my old make up routine. BTW Neve Cosmetics eyeshadow in Fondente is the perfect new brow color. It is also matte and very opaque.
  2. New haul! Hair stuff mostly and a face cleansing foam and also my staple facial cream - Balea Aqua cream. Originally I sent my honey to buy these items, but he bribed me to come with him saying he'll pay. Oh boy, he did pay ;).
  3. Dog doesn't miss the kid at all. It's a baby free weekend! 
  4. The beginning of a baby-free weekend. A nice cup of tea and some cake. Lovely.
  5. We were visiting this lovely girl ;). And kid had a blast! Eating nuts and similar stuff. It was yummy he says.
  6. My 'dinner', 3 eggs mixed in an omlette. Couldn't eat it to be honest. I'm not a huge fan of eggs, so the dog ate it. 
  7. The kid on the day he was teething like nuts, could barely handle him. 
  8. Such a cute picture, but taken when I was super sick and the kid was being super annoying (teething). Damn, a day to forget, except for his smiles. :) 
  9. I woke up to this..  the dog claimed the bed! Not that I mind, since he slept on my darling's side :P
  10. Sister told me to buy these 'eggs', since they are delicious. Not true, I didn't like them that much.
  11. Outfit for a shopping spree. I was really tired at the end, but it was well worth it (buying kids stuff is fun!)
  12. Mini Catrice haul. I became a huge fan of their stuff! 
  13. My favorite Milka chocolate. With salty cookies in them. YUM. Also super chrap in Muller - 79c
  14. Kid dressed up in his furry onessis. Way too cute. He was checking himself in the mirror to see what all the fuss was about (mommy was going Ooooh and Aaaaah!!). 
  15. From our visit to the alergies doctor (IDK??). Luckily he's not allergic to anything anymore! I couldn't be happier!!
This was a pretty full week, nice!
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