Mom Diary: 13 Months old

Hello everyone!

It is time for me to write about my son's 13th months. 
I must say that it is pretty interesting and I got a feeling that "this is it", about it. You know.. not a baby anymore, now it is the time that feels appropriate to call him toddler. I know some define a baby that can walk a toddler, but I couldn't. I waited until he reached 1 year, and even then it felt wrong. But now, now it feels right. My baby is no longer a baby, but he is in fact a toddler.

I am still breastfeeding him and regarless his teeth, they don't bother. He bit me several times, but this was when he was teething and wanted to see if it would make the pain go away (no kid, it just hurt me!). Other than that, he does great at breastfeeding, but it is mostly cuddling, than feeding. I realized that because when he was gone, I was pumping and the whole day I managed to pump less than 250ml and at night about 200ml. But I don't mind, I love breastfeeding. That time is OUR time. <3 p="">

So what happened this month that sets it apart from all the others?

Okay, he had a couple of bad nights (teething, or nightmares, I don't really know). And he was calling me during the night "mom, mooom"...Woah! I was heartbroken, you know...  those scared calls?! Of course I grabbed him as quickly as I could and hold him close, close. Oh, we are also co-sleeping, so it didn't take long, haha!

photo: Martina Maršič

He has a thing for.. scaring people. This one is weird, but so funny. 
While we were visiting my parents/siblings, the baby went and hid in my sister's room. It was dark and he just stood there. But my sister didn't know that until she went to check on him - that is when the little monster decided to go like BOOOOH. Haha, he almost gave her a heart attack. 
Photo: Martina Maršič
Another huge thing is that he understands what I am saying. Lets say about 80% of the time. Sometimes he ignores it (like really, I say something and he does exactly the opposite!), other times does what I want (come here baby!), etc. And he does help a lot. Well as much as he can, this means... cleaning. Sort of. I first clean what I want and then he does too, so he feels useful and I can say what a great job he did! :D But of course, it is lovely that he wants to clean on his own. I am absolutely enjoying these times, because... god knows how long they will last, haha!

Photo: Helena Milost
I would also like to say that something happened the day he turned 13 months. IDK what, but from that day on he is laughing most of the time. Lets say 90% of the time he is awake. It is adorable and heatwarming, and I absolutely love it. I hope I can hear his laugh for many many years!
Photo: Helena Milost

And the last one - his tongue. He learned how to stick his tongue out, but since he hasn't got a very developed (strong) tongue yet, it kind of shakes, haha. But it is still super cute! 
Photo: Martina Maršič

This is one of the BEST months so far. And I say it only because I am super biased and I missed my sleep for a year. :P
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