First make up in the new appartment!

I called it; The Kimono that walked on the Mystic lilac in London. Haha, no?

Anyway, since now my mineral eyeshadows are more at hand that before (not stuffed in a baby safe - and mommy safe - drawer!) I wanted to use one. But I didn't have a plan on WHAT to do, so I just grabbed three random eyeshadows.

They are:
- Barry M: London in the inner crease
- Neve Cosmetics: Kimono most of the lid
- Essence: Mystic lilac (wild craft) crease and outer V
- Artdeco Dita Von Teese, gel liner in black

It is simple and I did it in a rush. But I am hoping that I will find the time to create more elaborate make up looks as time goes by. 

I still have a bunch of never used before mineral pigments from Fyrinnae and Monn Ennui and also Neve Cosmetics D:
I need to swatch em all! =D

Anyway, I can see in the photos that the moving really took its tool on my skin and overall appearance. Thank you Photoshop for covering most of that up, tho. 
Hopefully in a month or so my skin will go back to normal and the damn stress effect will go down, or you know, disappear!

Okay, guys, this is it for today. Baby is being loud slamming drawers, but.. you know, anything for 5 minutes of 'peace' (just joking!).


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